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Mobile Field Charger Setup

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I Re-Posted this for Crimson. Its an awesome write up and I was looking for a good lipo charge anyways! :D

[Original Post]

Ok so I have been asked about this setup at almost every game I have been to so I thought I would show you hows it is done.


1. Q: So Crimson what is this magic box you carry around all the time. A: It is nothing special if you are a Rc guy you probably have one. We call it a field box, It is easy to make and can save a days play.

2. Q: What can I do to make one of these magic boxes. A: Sit back and let 'Ol Crimson teach you.




First a little about the charger I use. While in the RC world it has mixxed reviews it is the best bang for your buck charger I have found. It is sold by a company in china called Hobby king. And can be had for about $30.00





It is a 12v Charger and will charge just about anything. Lipo, Nicad, Nimh, A123, Lead Acid. It comes set up for deans and will come with a assortment of plugs.... You will have to make a Deans to Mini and a Deans to Tamaya if you want to be able to charge those types


Next you will need a way to use it in your house. This is how you will charge your supply battery when you are at home. You could also use a wall plug charger you can buy when you get your supply battery but is just more convenient to get of of these....




Next you will need a Supply Battery. Nothing special here just a 12v sealed battery. These are commonly used in Flight Box's for Rc Airplanes. You can get them at any Hobbytown and just about anyplace that deals in Rc stuff.. link for reference.





Next you need a box to put it all in the Plano 1612 box fits the battery perfect. You can usualy find them at walmart or any other store with a sporting good section in the area of the Ammo boxes.





I Cut a small piece of wood and glued it to hold the battery in place. This leaves room the store your connectors, spare batterys and your charger all in one box with room to spare.



Now you are set. The charger will also come with a set of alligator clips to hook to your supply battery. This is how you will power the charger in the field. I have never drained the battery even when charging most of the day. Usually for many people



When at home. You can then use the same charger and your household power supply to charge your source battery for the next game. I love the versatility of this charger



So there you have it. All the secrets to making your very own Mobile charging rig. All for around $100.00 or so.



On a side note the same place that sells the charger sells some of the best lipo's I have used. They are not made for airsoft so use at your own risk and you have to know what your looking at. But the brand name is called Zippy.



And to protect that new lipo setup one of these will let you know when its time to use that new charging rig. 11.1v only



Any questions feel free to Pm me.

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