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Firebrand Introduction


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Hello! I'm Zach, however on the field my callsign is Firebrand. I have been BB slinging for around two years now and have participated in events from Indiana to Tennessee, mostly at The Boneyard based out of Bloomington (RIP Boneyard.) I prefer more organized, MilSim-esque matches, but random skirmishes are fun too. At the moment I am operating a LCT ZK-104 and sometimes a Cyma SVU. I wear some old Vietnam war era goggles and a crappy Condor chest rig sometimes I have a ghillie top with me. Otherwise, I have been looking to buy some Russian gear. Preferably the newer Ratnik Digi-Flora stuff, but I can settle for a Gorka. Aside from that stuff though, I'm just looking to have a fun time. 

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Sure is quiet in here these days. Welcome to the, well, former madhouse turned ghost town I guess. Though airsoft isn't what it was in its heyday here in IN, it is very much still alive and kicking if you know where to look. Most of the old guard has retired, moved on, or become swamped in other things, and the new guard doesn't keep up much here on the forums these days.


Granted its been a minute, but if you are still building out your kit, I suggest looking at grey shop for the kit you need. Some repro and some real steel Russian kits and gear designed for AK platform support. Once you use their shingle mag pouches (kydex liners to prevent snagging of the mag clips) I can promise that you wont got back to anything else made stateside. Their prices have gone up (used to be dirt cheap) but they still ship stateside despite the war and embargos.


Otherwise, anything you can find by SPOSN or SSO is the gold standard for top tier Russian gear.

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