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24SEP2022 - IMPACT N00b Day 16


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IMPACT Noob Day 16

Attention Airsoft noobs! Here is your (or your friends) chance to get out and play! I.M.P.A.C.T. is hosting its annual Noob Day in Bloomington IN at Joker's Circus Airsoft Field. Maybe you are trying to get some friends interested in playing airsoft, then this is your game. JUST REMEMBER YOUR FULL SEAL EYE PROTECTION! Not only will this be a great day for playing Airsoft and trigger time but also learning about Airsoft and players in Airsoft Indiana. Parents are also welcome to learn/observe/play. Please bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

Typically we host this event more towards March/April but this year we thought we would try hosting it a little later in the year than usual. 

DATE: Saturday September 24th 2022
TIME: Gates open at 10AM. Games will begin at 11AM sharp. We will play until at least 5PM or until everyone gets tired of shooting at each other.
LOCATION: Joker's Circus Airsoft Field; N Curry Pike Bloomington IN (39.192064, -86.578140)
COST: $Free 
     *Donations are accepted and will go towards field maintenance and bringing you better events in the future. 
RAFFLE: $10 per ticket, I am raffling off a brand new G&G Combat Machine M4. 


And just a friendly warning, I would study the IMPACT Skirmish rules before you arrive because there is a good chance of a quiz! http://airsoftindiana.proboards.com/thread/79/skirmish-rules

We will be doing very simple game types such as “Death Matches” , the IMPACT "ticket" game, and possibly “Capture the Flag”. Suggestions on game day are very welcome. Our focus is on teaching new players new things, safety, and of course having fun.

You will need to fill out an I.M.P.A.C.T. Waiver if you don’t already have one on file. If you’re under 18 years of age a parent must sign the waiver also. You can find the waiver here: https://airsoftindiana.proboards.com/thread/72/release-form

*Noobs you will need the following:
-A full face mask is highly recommended
-Red/White Death Rag
-If possible Airsoft weapons of some kind
-Airsoft bbs of some kind and batteries for your AEG
-If possible Camo of some kind
-Water is a must and food/snacks are highly recommended
-Bug Spray
-Comfortable boots
-A positive attitude and willingness to learn
+Note these are the basics feel free to bring anything else you may want or need to play in all weather conditions. We will play rain or shine. 

Please bring your friends that may be interested in playing Airsoft seriously and on a regular basis. We wish that you be at least 10 years of age, although we won’t be asking for you age. If you’re planning on attending please post it here as well as your team’s name if you’re on a team, as well as any friends that you might bring.

Camo & Teams:
Wear what ever you would like (NO RED OR WHITE for obvious reasons). If you have camo wear it. If you do not, or you are bringing someone who does not own camo, no problems. If your team or group of friends want to wear matching camo to help you tell who is who, feel free to do so. More then likely we will NOT be using any kind of team identification. Part of airsoft is learning to ID your targets. BUT this year we would like to make the process of splitting into teams a little faster then previous years. So when signing up for this event please tell us what team you wish to be on, Team 1 or Team 2.

IMPACT Noob Day 16 Sponsors: 
-Spec Ops Group Airsoft > www.paintballindianapolis.com 

*A note to all “veterans” that plan on attending; please bring any extra goggles, weapons, death rags and ammo that you can. It will help make the day go by much better. Thank you.

[Details subject to change] 

Roster: 4 (not counting the + numbers)
Head EO: Joker

TEAM 1: #?

TEAM 2: #?


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