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06AUG2022 - IMPACT’s OP: Dark Night 6

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IMPACT’s OP: Dark Night 6 


Date: Saturday August 6th 2022

Time: Gates open at ~6:00PM Games start at 7:00PM and runs to 11PM or later (no breaks)

Location: Joker’s Circus Airsoft Field; N Curry Pike Bloomington IN (39.192064, -86.578140)

Cost: $Free


Game Type: This game will be of easy and moderate level that all airsoft players will be able to handle. There will be small elements of MilSim thrown in to keep things challenging for the “veteran” players. Being a night game it will have its own challenges and dangers.


Purpose: First and foremost we want you to have fun! Consider this a Noob Day for night events. This is your chance to practice your night fighting skills and use the night time kit you have laying around. Things like stealth, movement, communications, night psychological warfare, use of night time weapon accessories (weapon light discipline), and night tactics will be the focus.


Story/ Intel: A Special Ops team is being assembled to eliminate and contain a potential radioactive threat. UAVs have shown that a terrorist cell operating in [insert country name here] are gathering and testing radioactive and nuclear weapons. The Special Ops team does not have permission to cross any borders and the media claims that there are no terrorist cells operating in the country. So this mission will be off record and any incidents that may occur will be buried.


*You will need to fill out an I.M.P.A.C.T. Waiver if you don’t already have one on file. If you’re under 18 years of age a parent must sign the waiver also. You can find the waiver here: https://airsoftindiana.proboards.com/thread/72/release-form 



IMPACT Skirmish rules http://airsoftindiana.proboards.com/thread/79/skirmish-rules

ALL IMPACT Skirmish Rules will apply.

Full Seal ANSI rated goggles are required for this event. (No shooting glasses)

400FPS MAX on ALL weapons. Measured with a .20g bb.

YOU MUST HAVE A RED GLOW STICK! This replaces your red death rag.

Any lights, lasers, and night vision are allowed.

Radios and tracer units are highly encouraged.

No ammo or mag restrictions.

No medics or bleed outs, once you are killed you return to your teams respawn point, wait 5 minutes then return to the game.


Teams: Green vs. Tan, Black, & Civilian (gear color does not matter)

Special Ops (Green)

Terrorists (Tan, Black, & Civi)


*July/August is a very hot month which is why this is a night game. But it will still be hot/humid out before the sun goes down later that evening so be prepared. And for those that remember previous years events that I have hosted, it may or may not storm so also be prepared for that because I won't cancel unless its VERY bad out, the way I see it lightning is just a cool effect for the event. If any of you wish to camp out so you don't have to drive home in the middle of the night let me know in advance.



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