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11DEC2021 - Escape From Blackrock by Point3Airsoft

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This is the FB post with all of the event details: https://fb.me/e/DFOvY9jb

- What is it? -
Escape From BlackRock will be a scenario event with multiple timed evolutions in which players will have one solitary goal - make it out alive with as much loot as possible.

Players will participate in multiple timed evolutions (60 mins) called raids either solo or as a squad of up to 4. Each player will be provided a loot bag and a dogtag card marked either PMC or Scav before each game. PMCs, however, will also begin each match with an objective card (See PMCs Section). 

- How to play -
Upon game start, players will be tasked with finding as many loot tokens (poker chips) as possible and placing said tokens in their loot bags (cinch sack provided at game start). Loot can be found almost anywhere but the higher-value loot will usually be located in areas with either little cover or towards the center of the map. Players must then extract at one of the marked locations before game’s end to cash in their loot. If you bleed out (see rules) while on the field you must drop your loot sack and walk off of the field. All loot you have collected will be left behind in the loot sack to be looted by another player. The player or team with the highest cached loot at the end of the day will be declared the winner.

- PMCs -
PMC players will have the full 60 minutes of each evolution to collect as much loot as possible. PMCs are also, however, given their objective card at the beginning of each match. Completion of an objective card is worth a very large amount of loot points. Potentially, a PMC who completes an objective and extracts successfully could get more loot points than a player who spent the whole evolution looting. PMCs can also loot dogtag cards from enemy PMCs and Scavs. PMC Dogtag cards are worth a fair amount of loot points as well so killing and looting enemy PMCs is always worth your time. 

Objective Cards are randomized objectives to complete during your time in an evolution. Objectives can include but are not limited to the following:
- Successfully extract with 3 scav dogtag cards
- Collect a random named item (TBD)
- Visit x amount of points of interest
- Kill a marked player (TBD)

- Scavs -
Once per evolution, up to 15 scavs will enter the playing field. Like PMCs, Scavs will have the sole objective of getting as much loot as possible and successfully extracting at a marked extraction point on the map. Scavs, however, are not given objectives, so their only means of loot are what they can find. Playing as a scav gives players additional opportunities to cash in more loot towards their total towards the grand prize but provides less monetary opportunities than a PMC. Scavs are also only permitted one magazine! (So maybe bring a high-cap, just in case ;D )
Playing as a Scav:
Scavs may only bring one extra mag for their gun(s)
Bring a secondary or a tertiary if you want but only 1 extra mag per weapon
Starting scavs begin the game with a random amount of loot/items in their bag and MAY NOT loot the field - ONLY loot dead PMCs/Scavs
Players who enter mid-raid as a Scav may loot as normal

- Extracting -
For any of your loot to matter, you need to survive and actually escape. Scattered throughout the map will be various extraction points. You’ll need to find and use these points to get out of the raid successfully with your loot. Be wary of extraction campers though! AMBUSHING PLAYERS AS THEY LET THEIR GUARD DOWN IS A LEGITIMATE TACTIC AND WILL BE ALLOWED AND/OR ENCOURAGED. Extraction points will be manned by an admin with a stopwatch. Once you enter the extraction zone you must survive an additional seconds before extraction is complete and you’ve been officially declared an escapee. Certain extraction points are more convenient in location or safer to extract but may have additional requirements to utilize such as: must pay x loot, Must activate "the switch", must have at least one friendly player with you.

- Bleedout -
Once hit, you are required to sit where you were shot with your dead rag visible, lootsack open to be looted, and wait for 5 minutes to bleedout. Once the 5 minutes has gone by players are to leave their loot sacks if unlooted and walk off the field. If your lootsack has been looted you must bring it with you off the field. (We want to keep track of these).

- Gear/Uniform -
Players are allowed to outfit themselves with whatever clothing, gear, weapon, ammo, etc. they would like to carry onto the field. However, keep your eyes peeled, as some things have been placed throughout the field to aid you in your survival efforts. Items include but are not limited to:
Grenades - Enola Gay grenades provided by sponsor - 2x spawn per evolution placed by admins
Weapons - Snipers, mounted MGs, miniguns, etc. 
Heals - Masking tape rolls can be found throughout the field. If you have a roll on your person you may heal yourself after taking a hit during your bleedout. **To heal, wrap a strip of masking tape around all 4 of your appendages. Once all 4 have been applied you’re healed and back in the game.** Bandages may be applied to anyone. This includes someone who may have been an enemy. Potential teamup? We think so.
Access Cards - These are lootable items that allow for instant extraction out of raid vs having to wait the full 60 seconds.
High ROF Mags - Brightly colored, high-cap mags will be placed around the field which will allow players the use of full auto on a weapon that would otherwise be semi-only.

The vendor is available for players to purchase game modifiers including but not limited to:
Bandages (Masking Tape)
Access Gear
PMC dog tag cards


**Schedule: all times are eastern time zone
7:00a - Gates Open for Registration and Chrono
8:30a - Safety Briefing/Rules Overview
9:00a — 10:00a - Raid 1 
10:30a — 11:30a - Raid 2
12:00p — 1:00p - Raid 3
1:30p — 2:30p - Raid 4
3:00p — 4:00p - Raid 5
4:30p — 5:30p - Raid 6
6:00p — Raffle
6:30p — Clean up and players off field/Ao


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