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Non-Standard (Non-Military) Kits & Loadouts


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As I've gotten older, I've moved away from wanting to run an imitation or emulation of actual military kits or load outs, and I've wanted to put the discussion topic out there: what non-military kit(s) would you want to run around and sling BBs in? 

Personally, I'm considering:

Generic "rebel", with a mix of military and civilian equipment and clothing. AK preferred

Post-apocalyptic, with a lot of roughed up gear and a "wasteland-chic" aesthetic. Roughed-up AR sounds like the gun for this

SG Team, with OD green, generic black tac vest, and P90. I know this one is close to military, but it's fictional military, so I'm down with it. 


What about everyone else? What are your thoughts?

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I actually love all three. While I don’t typically run a post apocalyptic type of load out or kit I do still very much enjoy them. More often than not I run a more “rebel” look and I generally play on the civilian team if there is one. That’s because that’s how IMPACT has rolled since day one and our play style fits the look. Plus I almost always run and gun with an AK. That being said I’m usually running black gear and have been know to run OD green camo among other things (purple lol). But yeah I prefer to run what works best for me as opposed to trying to mimic a specific look. 


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