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10JUL2021 - OP: Cypher at Blastcamp

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The world has become dependent on Political Leaders and the Media's word. Now, being that all written law and decisions have been encrypted so only law makers understand. In the shadows of all this, 2 factions, that have no love for each other, are in a race to uncover codes and eventually the Code key to unlock everything Gov't and lawmakers don't want you to know, and even the weak points of Gov't. What ever Faction can uncover these secrets, will be able to take control, and bring everyone into their world!

Teams and colors are as follows
Northern Faction- Green Based cammo( OD Green, Marpat, woodland, jungle tiger),etc.

Southern Faction- Tan Based(desert digital, desert Marpat, choco chip), black!

Rules for Airsoft

Airsoft has many rules and guidelines to ensure you’re as safe as possible while playing; these should always be checked before coming to a game. 


Minimum age is 10. All players must sign a waiver and anyone under 18 must have that waiver also signed by a parent/ guardian. All players must check in at registration and receive a player’s badge or wristband before they can participate. Non-player personnel must also sign waivers.

Eye protection must be full seal ASTM certified goggles with a strap. Players under 18 are allowed to wear goggles and wire mesh lowers or full facemask. No wire mesh goggles allowed. Goggles should never be removed during game play even in netted HQ areas. If your goggles become fogged, ask for a referee.

Weaponry must be made safe by removing the magazine and clearing the hop-up before coming off field. Barrel covers must be used in safe zone. No dry firing in safe zone; chronograph area is available for testing weaponry.

Respect of property, equipment, and other players is required.

Any conduct done with malicious intent will result in the offender being banned from our facility and the authorities will be called.

Homemade fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed. Commercially produced cold smoke grenades, pea grenades and similar items are allowed at the EO’s discretion. RED smoke is a protected color.

Radio eavesdropping is not allowed unless permitted in the scenario by the EO.

Metal or glass ammunition is not permitted. Bio preferred but not required.

Real weapons, including firearms and large fixed blade knives, cannot be permitted on the property.

If you are hit, announce your hit and place kill rag on your head. Players are to follow game protocol. Only call your own hits!

“Dead Men Don’t Talk!”—Anyone caught talking when dead will automatically kill any live players that player is spotted talking to.

No overshooting or blind firing. Always look down the barrel before and while shooting.

No running into or through buildings. Floors are often slippery.

No climbing, changing, or moving of trees, or any structures. Do not stick head out or climb through windows.

Players should wear adequate clothing, including personal protection.

No verbal abuse, profanity, name calling, or slurs of any kind. No physical contact allowed.

Please do not shoot any animals or game personnel.

Alcohol and narcotics are not allowed at Blastcamp.


Weapons class and fps limits: All weapons will have a ROF cap of 20bps.

Assault rifles, No MED. All assault rifles (no matter how they are powered) must not be over 1.5 joules and semi-auto only. 

Support weapons have a10' M.E.D. and must be based on real support weapons.

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): 1.86 joules max with 75ft MED. Must be permanently altered to semi-auto only. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class fps. Must have an 18in barrel and at least a 2x power scope with single fire only. Red Dot, Reflex cannot be used for sights; sights must be at least 2x power.

Sniper Rifle (bolt action): Max 2.8 joules, 100′ MED. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class joule rating.

Camo: Most of our games are loose Green Vs Tan; however, it varies based on game theme. We will use armbands when necessary to even teams out. 

Tan based: tan, desert digital, chocolate chip, insurgent (civilian), black, any tan or brown base

Green based: ACU, woodland, marpat, tiger, OD green, multicam, any green base.

Tops and bottoms must both be from the same color scheme. Bottoms must be pants.

Gear color does not matter. You can wear any color gear you wish.

Red shirts may only be worn by Cobra Airsoft Legion Staff members. 

Non-player personnel may wear any high vis color other than red.

Grenade Launchers, Bazooka, and RPG: Nerf Rockets, Tag -inn rounds of any style are NOT ALLOWED. If BBs are fired from your launcher, anyone hit will be called dead. Any player killed from a launcher strike cannot be healed. RPG, Bazooka, Law, or homemade launcher must be 4ft, and painted to look authentic or military. 

Grenades: Thunder B’s and pea grenades have a 20ft kill radius. Tornado grenades, or any other types that spray BBs without an explosion kill by BB contact. 203 launchers, thumper, or small launchers are now considered grenade kills. They do not destroy hard cover and have a 20ft kill radius. Tagg-in rounds of any sort are NOT allowed

Medics (when applicable): All players must carry 2 ace bandages 3ft long. Only medics can heal players. Medic must wrap bandages completely, and bandages must be secure. Bleed-out is optional; however, if player decides to bleed out, he must lay down where hit, and may not stand up! When bleeding out, player can only yell for a medic.

Engineers (when applicable): Engineers are the only people who can plant, create, or diffuse explosive devices, for example: timed bombs, C-4, IED, dynamite. There will be one engineer per 8-10 man squad. Any player not a designated engineer will be killed if they touch, move, or try to disarm any explosive devices, along with anyone within a 100-ft radius of the device. Players must identify devices and contact engineer or H.Q. Anyone killed by an explosive device cannot be healed. Commanders will assign engineers at the start of the game.

Required EO field gear and EO procedures for events: Staff will chronograph all weapons entering the event. Staff will supply BBs to be used at the chronograph. Staff will perform a safety inspection of basic player kit, including goggles, water, and red rag.

Maximum weight for BBs used in AEGs, pistols, shotguns or DMRs is .32 gram

Maximum weight for BBs used in Bolt action snipers is .43 gram


AEG – Automatic Electric Gun

DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle

EO – Event Organizer

FPS – Feet per Second

MED – Minimum Engagement Distance

FOB – Forward operating base

FPS – Feet per second

BPS – Balls per second

Vehicle rules: Vehicles must be approved by EO before event and must have a certificate of liability insurance. A walker must accompany vehicle at all times and must be over 18 years of age. Vehicles must go no faster than 5mph, must have a disabled (yellow) flag, and a destroyed (red) flag. When vehicles are disabled, only the driver can fire weapon in a 90 degree forward cone. Vehicle can only have a 2-man crew consisting of driver and gunner. Driver must be over 18 years of age. To disable or destroy a vehicle is as follows: grenade: 1 disables, 2 destroys; rocket: 1 destroys.

Every player is responsible for knowing the rules and for teaching them to
any new person they bring to an event. 

Link for more info: https://fb.me/e/1ywcWUMM6

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