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Lower-Indy Airsoft Newbie

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Tyler C

Hey everyone! My name is Tyler, sounds how it’s spelled. I’m 16 and I’m in the lower Indianapolis area. I’ve been trying to get into airsoft for awhile, but between the current circumstances of the rona and just generally not finding places to get a foothold, or just not having contacts or places to go, it’s been tough. Been making an attempt to get out there a bit more, so here I am! I’m generally more milsim oriented mostly because of all the neat gadgets, but I enjoy just about anything and anyone as long as you mean well. Anyways, once I can get myself established on where to go, hope to see all of you on the field, peace!

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Welcome to the sport, dude. The landscape has changed a ton since I last played (about 13 years ago, haha), so I feel pretty new. From what I've seen, you're probably in a good area to get to some facilities. Spec Ops Paintball is in Franklin, and I know they host airsoft games. Good luck! This forum is full of good information.

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