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Central Indiana Getting Back Into It

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Hey Everyone my name is Ben, guess you can call me Ben, or Hughey (Huey). I'm in Cicero, which is just north of Noblesville, about 25 north of Indy up 31, so the northern part of central Indiana. 

Marine Corps from 2010-2014 got out as an E-4 Corporal. MOS 3521 Motor T baby! Mechanic, shot some paper, had some fun, got some cool stories. 

Im 31 now and just getting back into airsoft, I was really into it like late high-school, which was about 2007 so, wow, things have come a looooong way, just wow. Building my load out now, starting with a Krytac Alpha CRB and going from there. 

I'm definitley more into mil-sim, but I'm down for anything. For sure looking for some people to get together with though so I'll be on the lookout! 

I do all kinds of other things, been playing guitar for 21 years, drums too all that, had a band called Stackhouse and recorded an album. (check it out if you like rock with that 80's vibe) Album is Animal Instinct. Should be on youtube, itunes all that stuff. Actually here you go, blast it on YouTube, do it now! (link below, seriously, full volume, no exceptions)


Also in horses, ride, like to rope, ridden a couple bulls, pretty much over the bulls, but hey got stories out of it. 

I also weld and love to make sh*t... so, yeah thats fun. 

Alright that is all I got for now... 



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Welcome!! There seems to be a slow and steady resurgence into the hobby over the last couple months. Most of the fields that you will have regular access to are south and west of Indy, or much further north. Although it pains me, I strongly recommend checking out the various Facebook groups for upcoming games and events. These forums are full of historical knowledge on all sorts of topics, but feel free to ask questions if you can't find a close enough topic. 


Anyway, welcome back to the hobby! 

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Awesome man, hey I'm only 20 min from Anderson so keep me in mind. Just submitted my order on Airsoft GI so I'm super stoked... man when I was playing last forums were POPPIN. Haha dude forums ruled the world. You are right though the Zuck has spoken, Facebook is Facebook. 

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Welcome back to the sport! I'm just jumping back in myself!


You said you were active around '07, did you make it to any of the Operation: Stillwater games? I was with the Tristar Rebellion back then, callsign Bear

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