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Lots of goodies for sale!

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Have a few bb spewers for sale! Mystery box pulls I have gotten (you might have seen my YouTube videos lol). Working 3rd shift kinda sucks with my janky hours—keep that in mind if you decide to message me and want to come check something out...I can only meet early (before 3pm) and since I don’t drive I can only meet at my house—outside only though, lol the chihuahua will destroy you.

MOD/s please message me if there’s a way I can donate to become an official seller, the link in the pinned post does not work.

All of these are brand new and unused—and no the SP223 does not come with the Gangnam style Evike shield patch :)

Note: I live in a neighborhood with very close housing and old people neighbors that probably already think I’m a terrorist lol—so testing these guns might get the cops called on us. So feel free to bring a battery/BBs but don’t go shooting at any of my neighbors houses or stuff lol. Also I have no clue how the microgun works and it’s not put together so that’s a take it or leave it deal! I’m selling the microgun for over $100 off retail!

All these guns come from mystery box pulls—I won the big prize with my Airsoft GI Monster Box and they have just been sitting in my spare room since. I sold the double barrel M4 and MP5, but I still have the rest. Going to be moving to an apartment and would be great to get these sold so it’s less to move and take up space.

Classic Army M132 MicroGun - $500

Classic Army CA4A1 EC1 (no magazine, charger or battery—gave those to a friend) - $100

EMG G & G Seekins Precision SP223 (high muzzle velocity version) - $320 

IWI Ares Tavor Tar 21 - $250

Classic Army SR40 - $80

Elite Force 1911 Tac - $80 no box sorry I threw the box away 😛

Please note - the M92 pistol in my link isn’t for sale as I’m just gona hold onto it for my sidearm.


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