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13OCT2019 - IMPACT’s OP: Scarecrow 3

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IMPACT OP: Scarecrow 3 




DATE: Sunday October 13th 2019

LOCATION: Joker's Circus in Bloomington IN (39.192064, -86.578140)


TIME: Game starts at 11AM and ends at 5PM. End time is approximate. 


We MIGHT also be grilling food! So feel free to bring some food and or drink with you. You may also attend just to hang out and eat, you don't have to play. 




IMPACT skirmish rules apply unless otherwise noted. An IMPACT waiver is needed if you do not already have one on file (please bring it with you as I may not have extras). 


Full seal ANSI rated goggles must be worn at all times by all players.

All guns must shoot 350 FPS and under. Semi auto is preferred.

A full face mask or covering is highly recommend. 

3 AEG midcaps per person and no loose ammo. No limit on shotgun shells or handgun mags. 

Grenades that shower bbs are allowed, one per player.

Zombies when hit will take a knee for 30 seconds (counted out loud) then may resume play as a zombie.

Zombies can run but must be careful.

A zombie touching a survivor indicates "infection" and then turns that survivor into a zombie for the duration of that round.

When a survivor is turned he can ether set his weapons down somewhere or he can just sling them. There is a 30 second "bleed out" time (must be counted out loud) before a turned player can resume play as a zombie.

"Boss Zombies" must be killed using special means which will be told to the survivors when needed.

No gun? No problem! Given the game's severe resource deprivation and fps restrictions, we are allowing the use of staff approved LARP-safe melee weapons. Boffer/foam/latex/nerf weapons are allowed. Rubber knives will not be permitted.


One squad will act as survivors to try and complete all objectives while all other squads will act as zombies. Once a squad has finished, the game will reset and the next squad will be rotated in. All players will be both zombies and survivors (unless you want to be a zombie only).


*If all squads complete the course and we finish "early" then we may give those who failed another attemp or we will play skirmish type games until everyone is done playing.


-Best dressed survivor & zombie award?


-I am sure I am forgetting a few things so feel free to ask questions.


Squads (4-12 players)


Squad 1




Squad 2




Squad 3:




Squad 4:




Zombie Only: 




Food Only:






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