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05OCT2019 - Blackout: Static Insulator by BoP

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Copied from FB: 

Static Insulator is our first installment of our new series BLACKOUT. It is a RPG style game, that will be taking place at Indy Paintball battleground. 
HIFi Resupply will be on site for your airsoft needs. 
Enola Gaye will be sold ON and off the field. Details will be released this week.Cost of game is $45

7:30~Gates/Check In
8:00~Chrono Open
9:30~Game Briefing 

10:00~Game Start
12:00~Lunch Break
1:00~Game Resumes 
4:00~Last Chance
4:30~Game end

Op: Static Insulator
    In the year 2039, on the ten-year anniversary of the catastrophe that knocked out the national power grid, a rebellious uprising has started to unfold. The United Armed Forces (UAF) has significantly taken over what was at one time the United States of America. Taking advantage of those less fortunate everywhere they travel. Setting outposts to dictate the citizens lives, rations, weapons and ammunition. Leaving it very difficult for the people to protect themselves and their families. Many have lost their loved ones over the past few years. Rumor has it that “The Fallen” (civilians) have made serious progress in learning who is in control of the military agenda. Life has been a struggle without electricity, no communication or entertainment. Disease and exposure have become rampant. Finding out who is running our country now, acquiring electronics that haven’t been damaged by the EMP is beginning to look optimistic. If we can find the items we need to make radio contact, maybe, just maybe we can stand to fight another day and learn who has committed these terrible acts to our country. 
     Matt Cauthon is another name that has gained a strange reputation as of late.  His bias to The Fallen has been proven time and time again but rumors still circulate that he may have external ties still in place with the UAF.  His background is mysterious and only tales that seem to have no beginning or end surround him.  Tales of Matt Cauthon receiving arms munition from the underground market and selling them to the highest bidder have already been validated but his uncanny ways have led him to gain favor in the eyes of Gov. Quinn none the less.  While Matt Cauthon’s intentions are still questionable one thing is for certain…he is still one that Gov. Quinn can count on for munition supplies with the little money The Fallen do possess.
     Frasier Quinn and Nick Micheals were in the military together, as specialist operators building machinery and outposts, as their dislike for their commander grew, so did their friendship. After the EMP knocked out the electrical grid. Frasier and Nick left the UAF and started the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding society on their terms.         Governor Frasier Quinn has led The Fallen in and out of UAF territory stealing back food and other supplies. People have been saying that possibilities of him already having radio contact may turn out to be true after all. Although life is beginning to look up, the UAF still owns all the land. It’s time for The Fallen forces to change that. We need to take back our country that our forefathers fought so valiantly for. The up rise of The Fallen starts with gathering short wave radio communications, food, supplies, and ammunition.   Will today be the day The Fallen gather enough intel to devise a plan to bring power back to their ravished community?




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