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So we lost all our info, lol. Here we go AGAIN ;)

We are a 23acre Airsoft and Paintball Park located in Franklin IN.

We cater for open play, birthdays, corporate functions, team building, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

We have a full rental fleet of over 40 AR15 style AEG rifles, jumpsuits, gloves and body armor!

Currently offering 4 different style playing fields:

CQB Village - Here we have little house structures, bunkers, sniper towers and tons of obstacles to hide behind.

Short Range - Our ShortRange was built with pistol and shotgun games in mind. With wooden bunkers, drums, huts and vehicles. This is a very cool fast played field.

WW2 Mounds - Our coolest field so far. Mounds, wooden bunkers, fox holes and sniper towers make this one of the funnest fields to play.

SpeedQB Arena - This is a very fast paced game of extreme bb slinging action. Based off a paintball speedball field we at Airsoft/Paintball Indiana created this Hybrid Hyperball arena! Its fast, its a rush and its a heck load of fun!

Pro Shop on site. We are authorized distributors for all major airsoft brands. WE ALWAYS SELL AT MAP WITH FREE SHIPPING TO OUR SHOP!


So what are you waiting for!

Live in your world, come play in ours!


Instagram: paintball_indiana

Facebook: Paintball Indiana/ Spec Ops Group

Twitter: @PBIndiana

YouTube: SpecOps TV



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Welcome. If you know the name of your old account we can look into getting things reset if you desire?

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Good to see you back on here. I’m hoping to free up some time to attend one of your events soon. 


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