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Hello there!

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Hello friends!

The name is Charlie. Havn't thought of a callign yet and figured that could come in time, but thought I'd be present on the forums in the meantime and change it later! I have been away from airsoft for the past 4 years or so and am considering getting back into the game, but it would be at least till August until I could get out to any events as I am in Omaha for the summer. I used to be on the forums as Rooks when I was in middle school and high school, but decided to change the embarassing name so as never to be associated with it again haha. At least you guys won't know about how I embarassingly just invented the callsign for myself and announced that: "yea...everybody used to call me that on my "squad" ya know... Cause like, i was in a squad... and they called me that... Just don't ask me what the squad was, or where we were from... but like, was totally in a squad..." Woops... :) Guess I never read targetpractice's Noob Info post about Humility! But we can just forget all about those days :)

But anyways I'm happy to start fresh on the forums! I'm 22 years old and from McCordsville but will be in St.Meinrad, IN for the next four years. About 2 hrs South of Bloomington, 1 hour NE of Evansville.

Sold most of my gear when I entered college, so would be starting from scratch with new guns and gear (which is also kinda exciting), but loved rocking a Sig 552 back in the day. Still discerning whether or not I'll be jumping back into Airsoft fully or not, but I'll be on the forums in the meantime!

Back in the day I remember playing at the McCordsville field, White River Paintaball a few times, OP Patriot Pride @ Thompsons field in 2012, and OP Deephaven in Lebanon, TN in 2014.

Happy to be back and hopefully meet and re-meet some of you soon! 

P.S. can somebody please tell me if I change my profile image... I have gotta get rid of that one hahahah

P.P.S. sweet new forum design.

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Welcome back to the Madhouse. I look forward to playing Airsoft with you soon. Good luck acquiring your new kit and arsenal.


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