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LMG Carnige


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So this isn't a bad teching job or one of Holland's very enjoyable walkthroughs (I'm not that funny sadly). This is a flat out carnage thread. Hopefully one that serves as a warning.


First off, ever seen an M60 gearbox fail? Welp, I've done the impossible. Picture speaks for itself. 40 hours of precision fine tuning and adjustments out the friggin window with this. Mildly aggrivating.




Also, those that run support guns typically run very large and powerful batteries right? I'm guessing that you never gave thought to the microswitch and it's reaction to that 70c monster 11.1v lipo did you? Want to know what happens when you don't? Take a look.




How this happened? The microswitch experienced excessive amperage from one of the brick batteries here which caused it to heat up, arc, and fuze the circuit close. With zero trigger input the gun ran away. All new meaning to the phrase "runaway 60." After the microswitch fuzed the stock wiring was unable to handle the excessive electric load, and in this instance, the actual tamiya bullet connections were the weakest link and welded themselves together and proceeded to then melt the connector body itself. The result, a 60 firing on its own without stopping while billowing smoke from the gas tube. Made it somewhat realistic!


So if you run a support gun, make sure to keep your batteries on the lower discharge end until you rewire and install a bigger microswitch. This happened on a 10rnd burst test of the gun. Clearly the damage had already been done and my test pushed it to the failure point. All 3 60's here in the shop just got fully rewired today to bypass the stupid mosfet rof control with good automotive copper wire and 25A beefy micro switches. Once done, feel free to put that beast battery in and spray to your hearts content. Until then, keep it low, a runaway 60 is not a good thing.

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Half a million rounds though mine and still going..  mother of god this hurts just to see it.    5000mah 7.4 60c lipos the entire time to.    All stock.    Well guess I cant stay still going to box mag issures after all of that.. but the gun still runs. 

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Damn... That sucks. Still haven't figured out the need for stupid ROF on platforms these days. Always sad to see anything get ruined by stupidity though. :(

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