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Good morning, AI. I plan on attending a large MilSim this summer with some pretty strict magazine rules. They require midcaps with an ammo capacity no higher than 100 rounds. I was planning on buying some nice G&G midcaps that I know would fit the magwell of my G&G Combat Machine Raider-L (GC16 Raider-L) and feed perfectly fine. If anyone has run a G&G CM, they would probably know the magwell is a picky eater and one has to push the magazine forward or backwards for it to feed properly. So, my first question is between the following two magazines, does anyone know if they would have the same feeding issue as off-brand mags? I presume since they are brand mags, they would not, but I want to make sure before I put down $200 on magazines.


Magazine 1: https://www.evike.com/products/89445/

Magazine 2: https://www.evike.com/products/68123/


My second question is: I've heard and seen some people in videos say they use tape on the magazine to make the it fit properly in their magwell. I've tried this, but it wouldn't fit into the magwell. I don't know the proper term, but the groove on the back the back of the magwell for the magazine to slide into on... the tape keep catching there. I will tinker with it some more today, though - see what I can figure out.


EDIT: Figured out the magfeeding issue with some electrical tape. Finally got it working.


Thank you in advance.

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Weird that it's almost $5 more to hold 11 more BBs lol.


Anyway, I was gonna suggest cutting small (like, 2x4mm small) rectangles out of an aluminum can and super gluing that to the tab that holds the BBs in the magazine. You glue the piece to the angled face of the tab and this causes said tab to come into contact with your hopup sooner and eliminates the need to push the mag upwards into the gun. You can also take a strip of velcro (usually the softer half) and put that on the back side of your magwell which puts forward pressure on the magazine.


Just a couple extra ideas in case you want to move away from using tape

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Nox, thank you. I will look into both of those options tomorrow if the tape doesn't work. I put three layers of tape on this evening, went outside to do some test runs, and was disappointed to see it did not work. I added another layer on tonight and will try again tomorrow.


Also, I cleaned and lubed my rifle for the first time in using it for... four years now? I made quite a mess... 10 years of Airsoft experience and I just recently discovered the wonders of gun/gear maintenance. Chalk the past four years up to pure laziness. I've known for years now I needed to do it, I just didn't. And boy did I have a lot of cleaning and greasing to do. But it looks so nice now... minus the lube stains on my magwell and metal mag.


Back on topic, the mags I currently own hold too many BBs for Berget, and the mags I know will fit and feed well also hold too many rounds. Berget has a strict no more than 100 rd capacity magazine rule.  :(


EDIT: Even so, I still plan on buying the G&G midcaps I know will fit properly in my magwell for all other stateside games.

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