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25May2019 - Wca & Hifi Resupply Op: Flash Fire

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US and Russian forces have been operating in a neutral deconfliction zone while each side supports their allies. However, there have been reports of direct combat between US and Russian advisor teams. Neither side has admitted fault in the reported contact. Aggressive tactics by both sides have driven each other to begin reinforcing their advisor teams with regular infantry units. US and Russian forces have declined to comment on the rapid military incursion into the AO and news networks are reporting this aggression as a potential flashpoint…


Cost: $20


Location: The Predator Zone 4818 Round Barn Rd, Richmond, IN 47374



1) Required: FULL SEAL goggles (No shooting glasses)

2) ***UNDER 18** Required: Full Face Protection

3) Referees will have the last word. No arguing or cursing at other players.

4) No bang/safety kills

5) FPS and Minimum Engagement Distance (MED):

-Pistols - 1.14 Joules, No MED Yellow Zip Tie

-Rifles - 1.49 Joules, No MED Dark Green & Light Green Zip Tie

-Burst Fire - ONLY Riflemen with programmable burst is allowed (does not apply to support gunners). Must be approved BEFORE game start by staff and we will zip tie all approved weapons eligible for burst fire, No MED Purple Zip Tie

-Full Auto and Machine Guns - No full auto unless you are using a variant of an actual support weapon (M249, M240, RPK, PK/M/P, etc.) - 1.49 Joules, 50 Ft MED Orange Zip tie

-Designated Marksman (permanent/programmable semi-auto only) - 1.88 Joules, 50 Ft MED Blue Zip Tie

​-Bolt Action Sniper Rifles - 2.32 Joules, 100 Ft MED Red Zip Tie

6) CALL YOUR HITS. Gun hits and ricochets do not count. Gear hits do count.

7) BB weights authorized: .20g and up

8) Grenade rules: In order for grenades to 'kill', they must expel BBs. Flashbangs, Thunder Vs, etc. do not count as kills (unless they expel BBs i.e. putting BBs in the Thunder V shell)

9) HPA guns must have regulator with a tournament lock.



0900 - Gates Open and Chrono

1030 - Operation Starts

1300 - Lunch

1330 - Operation Resumes

1900 - Cease Fire and Giveaways




*This is NOT my event. I simply copied from FB so that others could see it.

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Definitely in on this one!

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I need a rebound game. Heck, I need to pewpew in general.


I'm in.

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I'll probably be in attendance if I can find the money and time for both Rawhide and Flash Fire. I guess as long as it's on a Saturday/Sunday, I can go...

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