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Huge Liquidation Sale

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Alright, it’s been a while since my last big sale. Due to a number of factors, I have a REDICULOUS amount of things and some incredibly rare items that have been dumped on me to move. I am posting up just some of it right now. This is a couple grand worth of stuff listed below for dirt cheap. I’ll start with the gems on top, move to the complete guns, then to odds and ends/parts and finish with gear. I will not be listing all internal parts (would take weeks just to do inventory) so I will list just the highlights of the internals. If there is something specific you are looking for, let me know and I will see if I can help you out from my inventory.



-No trades on anything, this is an offloading sale

-Everything is priced to move, but prices are negotiable, so hit me with it. Not looking for top dollar…looking to get it all out of my place. My shop isn’t big enough

-PayPal is preferred but I am open to other options but within limits. Face to Face is great, cashier’s checks, money orders, and such must be first cashed before items are released/shipped to prevent fraudulent exchanges. Yes it has happened.

-Shipping will be conducted via the cheapest method with tracking. Shipping prices have gone up substantially over the past 10 years so please refer to below for estimates of standard shipping rates for all items.

                -Shipping whole guns: $15-25 depending on size/weight

                -Shipping of medium/large parts/gear: $10-20 via USPS flat rate depending on sizing

                -Shipping of small parts/gear: $5-10 via USPS flat rate depending on sizing

-All guns will be shipped either disassembled or with an orange tip as required by law

-I am happy to work with shipping and package multiple items and such. Just ask me and I am happy to oblige.

-I am happy to work package deals for anyone purchasing multiple items, so feel free to ask.

-All guns are listed with no mag. If you desire a mag let me know and I can oblige.


Without further Ado, the gems



100% all original KillBucket M2. Yes, it is 100% authentic and I have the paperwork to back it up. This is actually one of, if not the absolute last gun ever produced by the man himself. I have the original invoice, dated 25 Nov. 2010 with a 2 week processing leading to a shipping date of 09 Dec. 2010. Killbucket then promptly took off for the holidays on 20-31 Dec. 2010 and announced his official retirement on 01 Jan. 2011. This leaves just 10 days between order completion and vacation unaccounted for. Although it cannot be 100% stated that this was officially the last ever produced Killbucket gun, it is very likely that it is. The gun is the ABS model and missing only a box mag with feed system. It has a complete M60 gearbox in it fully wired to the micro switch with quick disconnects and a modified M4/M16 style hop up with a roughly 14 inch brass barrel. The only issues I can see is a small split on the bottom abs plate of the receiver and 8 missing screws that hold the front half of the barrel to the man part of the barrel. The split should be easily repairable and just about any screws can be used on the barrel as it is PVC. It has never officially been fielded since its creation and other than afore mentioned two things, it is in pristine condition and only on its second owner. Obviously we are not ridiculous and not looking for anything crazy, however given its situation, a price cannot really be accurately determined for it. Thus, we will entertain all offers toward it if anyone is interested. Feel free to pm me regarding it with any questions you may have. We will accommodate all shipping costs here on our end as well. Keep in mind that this gun still needs some work to be “finished.”



Next is a Craft Apple Works Revolver Grenade Launcher. This is an early original model made from steel with ABS grip and shell chamber. The only issue is with the winding mechanism on the shell chamber. It still winds up easily and holds as it should, but upon closure of the rear, the spring release is initiated and the chamber spins freely and releases the tension in the winding spring. Other than this, it is in great condition. They retailed for over 500 new, this one is listing at 200 obo (hit me with a price)


Now, to the guns



- Two G&G FNH Licensed and Trademarked ScarL Desert Long Barrels. Both are literally almost brand new and fielded only once or twice. Both are fully working and one has a sticking charging handle. Looks to be some sand binding it up is all. Otherwise it is all good. Asking $180 each

- G&G Pro-Line CQB-H. Gun has been fully rebuilt with equivalent parts and wiring kit and is fully operational. Will come with a standard carry handle not pictured. Asking $100



- Two Echo1 P90s. The top one is pretty heavily used and shows. The magazine catch/release is partially broken but still functions fine. There is a little bit of wobble between the upper & lower, worn out charging handle spring, touch-ups with a sharpie that someone once did, and one or two missing body panels. None of this affects the operation of the gun at all. Despite the cosmetic items, it has a longer extended barrel in it, a pro-win hop-up installed, a larger oversized rubber butt pad, tack light (batteries dead) and some other internal upgrades. The bottom P90 for all intents and purposes is 100% original and stock with minimal use. Both work fine and are good to go. Asking $80 each

- S&T TAR 21. Literally appears to be brand new out of the box. No cosmetic issues, seems to shoot fine, and no missing parts at all. Asking $80



- ICS Sig 551 Fully Licensed and Trademarked. Gun is solid and works fine. The stock has split like is common and will need repaired/replaced. The mock bolt has a small broken off piece, but still works, locks to the rear, and still has the original removable charging handle. Asking $100

- Echo1 G36C. This is a circa 2007 model old school E1 gun that is still almost all original. It has been professionally rewired, all bushing replaced with good metal ones, and miscellaneous other internal upgrades over the years. The front handguard pin is long gone, but uses a bolt and nut setup that works fine. It is missing the left side selector switch but that is all. It belonged to a close friend, but has sat dormant now for nearly 6 years and will likely need an O-ring as well as a good cleaning and lubing. Asking $80

- Javelin Full Metal M4A1 Electric Blow Back. Gun needs reassembled but works fine. Was originally bought for a new player and rarely if ever saw any use. Buyer gets a choice of what stock (see below). Gun will come with a motor and grip as well. Can assemble and ship or ship disassembled, Buyer’s choice. Asking $80



Broken as heck MP5 variant. Unable to identify brand due to paint, but likely E1, JG, or ICS. The gas tube joint with the upper is snapped clean thru, so this is a parts gun for either rebuild or donor to another build. No clue on working status of gearbox. Will come with original handguard but no handguard pin (it is missing). If interested, shoot me a price, all offers are considered.



- Fully licensed, fully trademarked KJW (I believe) Sig P226 with 2 mags. Both mags appeared to hold gas, one mag is stamped TM with Sig Sauer trades and other is stamped KJWorks. Asking $60 for gun and both mags

- S-Thunder Pistol Grenade Launcher (short). $30 Can include the lower listed 40mm shell with it for $40


Now on to mags



From Right to Left (backwards I know)

- P90 Mags. Unsure of brand, but all are in perfect working order. Have 5 mid-caps and 1 hi-cap. Asking $9 each or all for $40

- FAL Hi-Cap Mags. Mixed assortment of mostly King Arms and Classic Army, all of which are hard to find. Have 7 of them. Asking $15 each or $90 for all. (or shoot me an offer, any offer)

- SIG 551/552 hi-cap and mid-cap. Asking $10 for the hi-cap and $8 for the mid-cap, or $15 for both. Can do a package deal with the gun as well.

- MagPul PTS E-Mags. These are the cheaper 75 rounders, not 120’s. Have 5 of them, 4 waffle style and one smooth style with no mag base. Asking $5 each or all for $20

- AR Style Hi-Caps Large. Mixed assortment of brand, size, and color. Have 2. Asking $6 each or $12 for both.

- AR Style Hi-Caps Standard. Mixed assortment of brand, size, and color. Have 6. Tell me what you want and I can pick them out of the lot. Asking $5 each or $25 for all.

- AR Style Mid-Caps. One Large one small. Large one has a ton of writing all over it. Asking $5 each or $8 for both.

- AK 7.62 Style Hi-Cap and AK 5.45 Style Mid-Cap. All metal hi-cap and plastic MAG brand mid-cap. Asking $5 each of both for $8.

- Thompson style Mid-Cap. Asking $5

- Electric MP7 Style small mags. I am yet to meet someone who actually owns/runs this gun. Thus, cost of shipping and they are free to your door.

- AR Style Jungle Shorty Hi-Cap. Asking $5

- What I think is a FAMAS Mid-Cap Mag. Again, for the low cost of shipping, it will appear at your front door for free.

- Classic Army 249 box mag. I dont have a way to test that it works, but it is complete and not broken. Asking $40


And Onto Outer Parts



- G&P Full Metal Complete Body Set (upper+lower). Asking $50 SOLD

- G&G GI G4 Electric Blowback Polymer body set (upper+lower). Asking $15

- G&G Combat Machine Electric Blowback Polymer Body Set (upper+lower). Upper has been already modded to allow use of non-blowback gearboxes and still have a working charging handle. Asking $15

- Complete Knights Armament M4 CQB free float rail with a fluted 4 inch outer barrel and Navy Seal trademarked 4 inch mock suppressor. I can’t seem to get the suppressor cap off the barrel, so I’ll sell it all as a kit. Asking $60 for the kit

- Knights Armament URX2 10.75" free float rail system. This model has the folding front sight built directly into the rail itself. Asking $60

- Olympic Arms 4” free float rail. Asking $20

- M4 2 piece RIS system. Unknown brand. Asking $20

- 16” G&P/Knights Armament outer barrel and gas block/tube. The barrel threads are a bit gulled up and could use a rework with a die. Looks like someone tried to wrench off a flash hider that was locked on with a set screw. Otherwise barrel is all good to go. Asking $15



- Crane Stocks without any butt pads. I have one butt pad that fits but its retention clips are broken off. The other butt pad is missing an adapter, otherwise it will work. Let me know if interested.

- Assorted LE Stocks. Two complete with buffer tube, one jungle shorty style with buffer, and one without any hardware. $8 for the three complete stocks, make an offer on the other.

- Buffer tubes! All kinds and all sorts. $5 each?

- Grips! I only have two motor plates though. If you want one, two, three, or more, they are free for the cost of shipping. Let me Know.



- Random assorted M4 handguards. Multiple pairs and some mismatched. No, the MOE does not have its other half. Pay for shipping any one or numbers are yours for free

- AK stamped steel wire stock i believe to by E&L. $5

- AK Dust Covers. One LCT ribbed and one lower end, sanded, and rusted partially, smooth one. Asking $5

- LCT plum painted handguard. Asking $5

- Stripped Daniel Defense Trademarked Upper Receiver. Has dust cover but nothing else. Asking $10

- Unknown G36 Magwell. Pay for shipping and it’s yours

- Random unknown bi-pod. FREE! Seriously, get this thing out of my shop



- Two quick Detach mock suppressors. Don’t have the corresponding flash hiders for them. Asking $5 or free with any other purchase.

- EFX Fixed Stock Kit. Never used and still in box. Has all mounting hardware. Asking $25

- Unknown brand (non-S-Thunder) all metal 40mm bb shower shell. $15

- Assorted Foregrips. Asking $5 each

- Assorted Muzzle Breaks. Asking $5 each or free with other purchases

- Assorted rail covers. $2 each or free with other purchases

- Assorted iron sights. $5 each

- A&K M60 rate of fire control circuit. If you want this, its yours.


And Now Internal Parts

From left to right, top to bottom



- CYMA mostly complete V3 gearbox all stock. It has no trigger contacts or trigger at the moment. I can dig through bins and include both if desired as well as motor and motor cage. Asking $25

- Lower end Complete V2 gearbox. I assembled this for a budget level build a few years ago that never happened. Has been cycled exactly 5 times since being put together and has not yet even been dropped into a body. It is nothing spectacular inside, mainly just generic parts on a standard ratio gearset with a good shim job, good grease, proper AOE, and my custom wiring to the rear. This was initially done as a budget build for a customer who didn’t have a lot of money, so it is not one of my bullet proof and performance builds. Because of this I won’t offer a warranty with it, but it is a solid drop in ready to go gearbox. I am happy to work with buyer and prep the gearbox with fresh lube, AOE, compression, and check the shimming prior to shipping. Let me know. Asking $40.

- Complete Echo1 P90 gearbox with Dual Sector Gear setup. Gearbox reportedly pushes 275-300 fps at 40rps. Asking as is for $60 or $40 with either P90 gun.

- Complete V2 Reinforced G&P gearbox. Mostly all stock G&P drop in ready gearbox. I have not touched this gearbox (yet) so it is all original from a low use donor gun. It can be sold as is, or is eligible for a complete build/overhaul by me to meet any buyer specified requirements. As is, Asking $50. If interested in a build of it, PM me for specifics and pricing. All builds come with full coverage warranty and more.

- G&G M4 electric Blowback gearbox shell. Shell is used, but has all rounded corners to prolong the longevity of the shell and prevent stress fractures. Shell fully checks out with no problems or areas of concern. Ill dig and see if I have any blowback parts to include with it. Asking $15



- Modify 21:6 Torque up drop in gearset. Asking $25

- Prometheus Helical torque up gear set. Used but in great condition and silent when shimmed right. Asking $25


If you are looking for any other internals, feel free to let me know. I cannot guarantee anything, but I have a lot in inventory here in my personal shop and am happy to help.


Random Things and Gear



Box of Tri-Shot shotgun parts. No clue what shotgun it was. If you pay for shipping, its yours. Free



Lipo Charger. Setup to do both deans and small Tamiya 7.4v 2 cell lipos. Will need a different dongle for a 3 cell 11.1v lipo. Asking $10



- Two random GBB mags. One on the bottom is clearly a KWA and not of the HK lineup of guns. Other is a KJWorks. No idea what guns they may go to. If you can identify the guns they belong to, they are yours for the cost of shipping. AKA, Free.

- Thunder B grenade pins. Need any? Take these for free.



- Across the top: Knee and shoulder pad inserts for “special” BDU’s Asking $10 for the whole set. Pm me if interested in only portions

- Across the Bottom: Two sets of strap-on knee pads. Well used but still good. $5.00 per pair

- Random helmet. What are these even worth? Pm me with any offers.



- Condor Plate Carrier with plastic mock plate inserts in Coyote. In great condition. Asking $25

- Condor XL Hydro carrier in Coyote without hydro bladder. Also in great condition with all original straps for it to serve as a backpack as well. Asking $15

- Multicam Drop-led holster platform. Asking $10

- Multicam 1 point quick detach sling system. Asking $10


And Lastly


I do one off custom builds specifically suited to buyer stated requirements. I guarantee AEG’s that push the limits of capability, and will do it at a better price point that anyone else. All Custom builds come with full coverage warranty for the life of the gun if it qualifies, as well as regular routine maintenance. Should you be interested in pursuing this route, specifically with parts listed above in this thread, please contact me directly to discuss pricing.


Again, feel free to PM me about anything here or anything specific you may be looking for. I am happy to see if I may have it for you.

- Hanback

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CAW revolving grenade launcher - SPF

Plate carrier - SPF

Hydro carrier - SPF

Bipod - Claimed

G&P Metal Receiver Set - Sold

Sig P226 - SPF

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One SCAR is sold

Both P90's are sold

All P90 mags are sold

P90 DSG gearbox is sold

CAW launcher is sold

G36 is sold


Also, the P226 is actually a Tokyo Marui that just needs some tlc with seals. Still listed as the same price and still available.

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That M2 though.... :machinegun:


Shes a beaut aint she? Absolutely zero interest on it thus far.



ALL Readers: Currently Sold and not available


CAW Launcher: Sold

Only One scar: Sold

G&G CQB-H: Sold

BOTH P90's: Sold

All P-90 Mags: Sold

P-90 DSG Gearbox: Sold

E1 G36C: Sold

Plate Carrier : Sold

Hydro Carrier: Sold


Complete Crane Stock: Sold

M4 2 Piece Rail: Sold



The P226 list is actually a Tokyo Marui, NOT a KJW. It ust needs new seals is all and some TLC. Its well used, but it is a TM.


Additionally, the Madbull SWR Trident Mock Suppressor 14mm ccw on the front of the G&G CQB-H (pictured in original post) is now available. Asking $25


Everything else is still available currently

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PM Sent

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