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Sherlina 5.5 Nov3 2018


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Huge thank you to Firefox and Mutual Combat for allowing us to use his field!!! 


Ladies and Gentlemen, this had to be the most honest, fun and can-do bunch of players I have EVER seen at ANY event I've been too!! 

Some of you guys were a little apprehensive at first at trying something new, but you showed up and got immersed into the game and drove a freight train thru it. 


So, I'll start things off with my 3 ups and 3 downs to get thing rolling: 

1) Sportsmanship was off the charts!!! Great job to ALL OF YOU! 

2) Weather was absolutely fantastic! 

3) Watching some of your expressions when you chose to do a Spec Ops mission.....LOL!!!! 



1) Things starting off to slow for my own liking even as an EO. 

2) Attendance was a little down making the Sherlina part of the game tough because of how spread out the Check Points were. Higher attendance would have improved that. (We did start moving the Check Points in closer to make it a little less of a treck) 

3) The drive for us to get to Mutual Combat is right at 3.5 hours and bringing all the props etc we needed. 


Now on to the fun stuff......who won???????? 

I have got to say Cooke was a machine in this event!!! The amount of work this guy did was unreal to say the least. He rolled 20 points for this game. How did he do this??? SpecOps missions and just working his ass off and staying in motion constantly. ( Ain't no way I could have done it!) What was really impressive is he moved 45 pounds of lifting weights for 5 check points plus retrieving an ammo crate full of stuff. Now he did have some help with this. 5 man squad working as one with a motley bunch of mismatched players......that's right, not with his team but with random players. Now the EO's decided to make this even harder by making that squad a target. (I did warn them ;) ) And they adapted and overcame the shooters sent out to take them out!! Impressive to watch this unfold. 


Total attendance was 51 with 35 playing and 16 Event staff and role players. 


Top 7 players: 

1) Cooke 

2) Paul, Barricade, Altes

3) GrayGhost 

4) Swat, Aaiden


I would say that ALL were winners due to their attitudes and sportsmanship!! 

As much work that went into this it was a pleasure putting it on for such a gracious group!!! 



For pictures go to the bottom link: 


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Man I am feeling it today haha. I am not as young as I once was lol. I would like to thank Foxfire for allowing us to play at Mutual Combat Club. And I would also like to thank BlackWatch for hosting this event. This was probably my favorite event I have attended this year. I believe I have attended one of these events many years ago and having done so I knew I was going to be mentally and physically pushed.



The game itself, objectives, props, role players, and everything

Event staff was well organized and on top of everything, even making changes as needed

Running and gunning with fellow IMPACT members, we are not exactly high speed but we still get the job done

The weather was fantastic

The field, still my favorite place to play Airsoft

The players in attendance, no issues whatsoever

Getting to see some people I had not seen in a while

Faust and his awesome purple jacket



Low attendance, I’m guessing having it rain all week prior to the event scared some players away but they really missed out. Had we had a few more players things would have been really interesting.

Unfortunately my Wife’s car broke down on her and I had to leave early to deal with all of that.



Role players did a great job! I love events that use role players. It adds a really fun dynamic to the game. Especially if done correctly.


So IMPACT’s “strategy” was to try an avoid firefights if at all possible. We would move slowly and try and remain hidden as best we could while still making it to our checkpoints to score points. If we had targets of opportunity we would take them if needed. We were trying to also minimize our casualties. We would also collect valuables along the way. At least once we called a “truce” with another squad so both squads could pass each other without a fight. Maybe this was not the best way to go about it but it definitely fit our play style.


Story: While moving to a checkpoint (G) Foxfire, as our guide, Crimson, Silent Shot, and myself ended up in a sort of pickle. We snuck up on two other squads fighting it out over the checkpoint. We actually started to pick players off without them knowing we were there for a while actually. Crimson and Silent Shot had taken hits but I medic’d them. Once we thought it was all clear two more squads showed up and we had to engage in yet another firefight. Firefox had been killed by this point and maybe was medic’d by another squad so he decided he was going to help one of the other squads. Eventually Crimson was killed and had to return to respawn leaving Silent Shot and myself. We held our own for quite a while before being overwhelmed by numbers and a kamikaze attack by Stamos lol. I lost track of how many kills I had in that short time, even killed a few players more than once due to them getting revived lol. We created a lot of memories in that short span of 30 minutes to an hour. Good times for sure.


Again I had a great time. I know what I need to work on and improve on for next time. Thanks to everyone who showed up to play. And thanks again to BlackWatch for hosting, I look forward to the next one.



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What can I say.. this event reminded me I am old.. more so today.. already dreading tomorrow. Wow am I sore.   


So BW did a hell of a job on this one.  Really everything was on point. thought out and went off without a hitch.  I would expect nothing less from these guys.. They run a game like they do their team..  Full throttle all the time.   


Not a whole lot I can add to whats already been said.   Great sportsmanship.   I mean great. Best I have seen probably ever.   Every single player had a positive attitude.


Props.. Awesome..  great job.


Role Players totally made the game.     Guys did a great job and got into the roles perfect.


So cons...   Well the only I can claim.   is I am out of shape...     I got home my wife says.  What hurts the worse.. My answer was. " My Ego".   This game kicked my rear.. in a major way.. and was completely worth every ibuprofen.


Con #2 attendance.  Im gonna put this one out on every one of you.   I'm just as guilty many times.   The work and planning that went into this game were top notch.    They guys put there time family and cash on the line to hold an awesome game for the community.   It was advertised everywhere.    They did't make a dime they donated every bit to the field.  Which we all know is the best in the state thanks to Randy's hard work.   So what it take to make this stuff happen.  Players get out and play.  Support these guys taking there hard earned money time and lives to give you a damn good time.    If you want big events..   Game and fun stuff like this was in the future. Make the time.. Show up and play.    (again im just a guilty as everyone here)


Again hell of a game everyone.  Count me in on the next.   

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Ivan the lost Russian here.


I have played I think 3-4 Sherlina's, but this was the fist time I was on the roleplaying/EO side. I'll jump right into my 3's





Player interactions



Lack of sleep (I was running on literally zero sleep through the day)

Attendence drop off

I wasnt actually playing.


Bonus con: I dont think anyone mentioned the walking.


Jokes aside I love playing in this game type, but I think I enjoyed role playing even more. I enjoyed getting to interact with the squads and see the differences on how they all thought.


That all said, on to some constructive criticiam for the game.



Full auto capabilities in a semi auto game shifts the dynamic so far to your side its like putting god mode on in a video game. The fire superiority is incredible.


I was acquired by a 2 man squad. Yes, 2, you read that correctly. We ended up running into another squad heading to an objective, and we chose to wait and watch and see what they would do. Said squad was walking in the open, down the airstrip, and never saw us till their pointman got close. His choice was to bring up his gun so we opened fire, wiping out 4 of them immediately with no casualties. We then parlayed with them, as all we wanted was to pass and go to the next point. In which case the rest of the squad came out of hiding....all 5 others of them. This little 3 person squad scattered a force 3 times their size. This brings me to my negative.


USE YOUR PERK GIVING ROLE PLAYERS. Every last one of us said we hardly got utilazed, including the unlimited medics! That firefight was literally the first action I had all day, and it was my 3rd squad I was in. Everyone wanted to sneak around, even if they had the most people in a group, and had the ability for full auto, which only at most, one other squad MIGHT have had.


Players, use the perks the EO's have given you. The team you would think would want to hide and not fight gave me the first action after being in 2 separate 5 man squads.


All of that said, I had a blast, it's not every day I get to play a lost Russian soldier and get bribed with alcohol.


One more point, you guys should really pay attention to what points you need to go to. One team brought me to a checkpoint they didnt even need to go to, thus wasting their full auto.


Thank you guys for coming out and enjoying our chaotic walking simulator! We hope each and every one of you had fun and we will see you at the next event, whether we are playing or running it.



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Wow. Where to start?






I took 3rd place. Woot!


The entire game model. I'm serious.


Actually had an in-game reason to use my map and compass!(I like my toys, okay?)






Not having a bigger amount of players.


Last skirmish(post game) turned into a stand still.


Not having the energy at the time to cash in my last coin for a Spec Ops mission.




Goal for next time:


Doing a solo mission. Aiming to be a stealthy sniper for the most part, I always wanted to test my skills and see exactly where I need to improve. :ph34r:






   The one Spec Ops I was on, me, a role player and two others(they aren't on the boards yet, so I'll neglect their names for now) were on our way back from picking up a Dirty Bomb. It was decently huge(think, giant thermos of coffee...with a potential to go boom), and had to be handled with care. The mission was to get back to admin and disarm it without it blowing up in our faces. We found and picked it up, no problem. Then crap got factual. We were pinned down by enemy fire at that house south of G. I stayed behind to keep watch on the bomb. The others engaged the tangos...and were each tagged.




   I watched and waited. After a while, my team weren't all too sure if I was still in-game or not. I hid the bomb and made my way around to them from the furthest angle I could, ducked through some structures and was in range to just run a few feet to them from cover. I waited, counted, then took the leap. I landed behind two of them, BBs flying at me, loudly hitting the leaves on the ground near my right arm. One the guys closest to me said he saw the BBs hit the leaves, not but inches from me.(I would like to take the time and compliment the person firing upon me at that time - I was sorely confused if for no other reason than for how close those shots were!lol Good show. Good show.)




   Anyways, I healed one and leaped to the other under cover fire. Hiding longways behind the second guy, I healed him and immediately rolled sideways down a ravine, then they healed the role player. We finally retreated and picked up the bomb. The three of us went through the woods, under the role player's cover fire, and we got back to admin. We were then instructed to dismantle the bomb, piece by piece. After a few pieces were removed, the extracted "core" was essentially a Diet Mountain Dew can. If we were indeed careful(i.e. not shaking it to violently), it would not fizz out of the can when openned. And guess what? It opened crisp and clean like it was fresh from off the shelf! Gold coins for an Op well done! B)

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Found out she is waiting on a cable she ordered. Hopefully these will be up by the end of the week. Sorry for the delays. 

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