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Operation Fall Frenzy I - October 20, 2018

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Operation Summer Tears brings you a new annual game: Operation Fall Frenzy.


This will be an annual fall open-play operation. No story-mode game operations, no specific scenario games like past events -- just an open-play day of Airsoft fun! :)


This event will take place at eXplore Brown County. Address as follows:

2620 Valley Branch RoadO

Nashville, IN 47448


Cost is $10 and is to be given to XBC directly.


Waivers must be filled out prior to arrival and can be found here.


XBC opens at 0900, but please arrive no earlier than 0905 and we will check in together when at least a few of us arrive. We will walk to the back of the field at 0945 and will begin our games at 1000. We will spend most of the day at the back of the fields so we don't interfere with normal operations or paintballers. We will play until 1800 or until everyone packs up for the day. Everyone should be dispersed by 1900.



Arrive between 0905 and 0935 (no earlier than 0905, please)

Walk to fields at 0945

Games start at 1000

Lunch at 1200

Games resume at 1300 (or when everyone's finished - lunch will be at base of map where we first arrive and check in. It's a 10 minute walk, so may be later than 1300.)

Games end at 1800

Everyone dispersed by 1900


Lunch will be bring-your-own or a drive into town (advised against this due to time constraints, but it's your choice. We won't wait for you.) or purchase hot dogs/hamburgers from field.


If you bring coolers or snacks, which we advise, please pack snacks in a backpack or bag that you can carry to the top of the field. We will all help carry large coolers to the back if any players/teams bring a large shared (or single, it may be hot) cooler.


Rules will vary depending on the various game-modes we play, but they are pretty basic. No special gear required.  :lol:


However, ammunition must be biodegradable!


Games will include but are not limited to:

  • Find the Sniper
  • Team Death Match
  • Bad Intel
  • Screaming Baby
  • Defend the Bus
  • VIP Extraction
  • VIP Escort
  • Search and Rescue
  • Capture the Flag
  • Disarm the Bomb

Teams will be based on Green/Tan colors. Black and white patterns, though we'd prefer no one wears these base colors, will be tan. This does not include black vests or plate carriers. MultiCam will be placed on green or tan to balance teams. UCP (ACU) will be green, unless otherwise specified on game-day to balance teams.


We also encourage you to bring comms and print off a map or two. Official map can be found here and our OST satellite map can be found here.


We cannot stress enough the importance of hydration! We will have water available at the top of the field for canteens and camelbaks, but please also bring Gatorade or other form of electro-hydrates. Water is important, but it's not everything. It's probably going to be hot, and you'll be doing a lot of running around and a very short ruck carrying everything to the top and bottom of the field.


Also, if you didn't attend Operation Quagmire and/or would like an official Operation Summer Tears patch, we will be selling them for $5 each. Patch sales are what fund our events and allow us to provide you goodies at larger events like last year. ;)

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Hey, all. This event is being post-poned. I will update with a new date probably tomorrow. Mods, please do not lock yet. I will PM one of you with a new date and will request you make an edit.


EDIT: Is anyone actually planning on attending this event on the 13th? I am aware of the new field's grand opening event on the same day, so I'd assume many of you would opt to go to that over my open-play event. That's fine - I just need to know by Sunday at midnight if anyone is planning on attending this event or not. Please respond here. All my friends are busy that day, so I'm kind of running out of options, and I don't want to interfere with any other events scheduled leaving the only day available to me as the 20th. Only issue is, I have plans that day and wish not to cancel if possible. Please respond if you are planning on attending!


Re-EDIT: The 20th will more than likely be the date of the event. This is not set in stone yet, so mods, please do not update yet, but this is more than likely going to be the case. The original plan I had on the 20th will not be happening.

Edited by Fang

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Alright - this event has been moved to the 20th of October. Same schedule. Please notify me if you will be in attendance. Thank you.


Mods - please edit the subject to say "20" instead of "13." Thank you in advance.

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Greetings: it's currently a quarter 'till 10. If no one shows up by 11, I will be canceling the event. Just a heads up. Will advise of an update here at 11.

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Well, everyone, I've been here for two hours and no one's shown up nor told me they plan on coming. Therefore, this event has been canceled.


Mods, please lock and archive.

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