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8/5/18 - Boneyard Open Play

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(Image Credit: HiFi Resupply, Facebook)


Open play this Sunday! Gates open at 10am
Free to play but we are accepting donations to help maintain the field.

Gates open 0900
Safety brief at 1015,
Games start at 1030
Day wraps at 1600

Minimum age 13
If under 18 waiver must be signed by parent or guardian and must wear full face protection (lower mesh,paintball mask, iron face).
If under 16 must be accompanied by adult for entirety of event (adult does not need to play, but must remain on site).

Game types will be some of the following

  • CTF
  • Juggernaut
  • Assault
  • VIP
  • Downed pilot
  • Territories
  • Infection
  • Golden Gun
  • Hold the Barn

Don't be a dick, and call your hits

When hit, yell "HIT" loudly, pull out death rag, raise your arm/ gun.

If you suspect someone of cheating, do not confront them. tell a referee. they will perform a ref check.

If you are caught cheating
First time we will make you respawn.
Second time, you will be pulled from that game
Third time you may be sent home and possibly asked not to come back (at discretion of Cadillac, Owner of the Boneyard)


Pistols..........................350 FPS w/ no *M.E.D.

Full Auto....................400 FPS w/ 15 ft *M.E.D.

Semi Auto DMR......450 FPS w/ 50ft *M.E.D.

Bolt Action
Sniper Rifle.................550 FPS w/ 100 ft *M.E.D.

HPA tanks must have tournament lock

Field info www.BoneyardAirsoft.com

Waiver: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1279CoijkC0XvbWIK9PWzLp2HJIC6CU2gMIp5bwW5KSY

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