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Selling Off A Large Portion Of The Collection

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after a ankle injury last year at work and moving on to other things and getting burned by a few shitlords when fixing their guns and moving in a month.  I'm trying to sell off a large part of the gear I amassed over the last 10 years

I'm going to sell off my few big boxes and totes of parts

I have a box with MP5 parts including a TM body and hopups enough to build 1 or 2 guns 70$

next a box of M4 parts have 3 full body sets 2 CAs and a nice G&P or guarder that was top of the line a few years back.150$

a box of AK parts with a cyma krink in parts 100$

I have a original Dboys AK that was the true steel clone of the VFC steel bodies has hopup issues 100$


ICS original ak with air seal issue 80$


the ak M60 vn 250$


8mm tri shot gas shotgun acm with real moss-burg furniture and slide rails modded to fit gun 150$


Dboy ak under folder airseal or hop up issue 70$

Dboy side folder 70$

original Hurricane M16 body kit with VFC barrel and furniture 150$

4 or 5 Thunder Bs 12 pks of shells with co2 and core 40$ ea 1 thunder V core and 12 shells and co2 35$ I also some of the cores were used  one time


might sell a really nice ICS MP5 with 5 or 6 mags and some extras make a offer

TM m4 with original box  will come with a extra TM gun minus the gearbox and second gun had the trade marks removed when imported  has a 2 roy M203 mounted to it and will come with 1 gas grenade 200$


ICS M203 rail mount  painted tan that is faded/worn off in places 3 Ics nades 125$ with option to buy 3 or 4 more madbull nades for 15$ ea

HFC M11 GBB with 2 or 3 mags 65$ works great

I also have a big lot of internal parts boxes of new and lightly used stuff hop ups buckings pistons gears gear boxes  300$

I can also make 3 or 4 guns as build kits for people if they want a gun to tinker with the high end bodies with everything included to make a complete gun for 65$ ea

I have more stuff that I have to look through I will not ship you come too me and my prices are firm you low ball me and I'll have Harvest go mid evil on that ass.  this stuff is up for the next month after that it all goes into storage if you want to look at something after june there will be a 20$ fee for me to rummage through the unit to find it  I have a whole Office  full of gear


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