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Scratch Built Custom M1919 "marauder"

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First update, just to tease you all. I've taken the Killbucket m1919 .30 cal machine gun pattern and begun to convert it into a usable cad file. I'll be cutting it from 10 guage sheet and welding/riveting where appropriate. This won't be you standard support gun, as I'll be configuring this with a chainsaw grip and probably a different barrel shroud configuration.


The plan for the internals is to use an m249 gearbox and a p90 hopup. I'll be designing a piece to 3d print to take advantage of the top loading p90 hopup. Ammo and power will be fed through a chute from a box mag that will configured as either a satchel or back pack unit.




I've only got a few internal pieces left to render, that will have to wait until I have the internal components. In the mean time, here's a mockup from the CAD drawings.




More updates to come.

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