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Comrade Holland

Bogwafh - Ak Safety Lever Conversion

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WARNING: The following information is being disseminated by an intoxicated and borderline retarded individual with absolutely no experience in gunsmithing or even the use of basic hand tools. Attempting to follow this guide will result in irreparable harm to your replica BB gun, your hands, limbs and/or face, as well as your state of mental health. Reading any further is highly discouraged. This post is tagged NSFW due to its reckless use of crude language, dangerous techniques, and low quality results. Viewer discretion is advised.


Welcome to our third edition of Beatin' On Guns With A Fucking Hammer. This series covers the conversion of real steel parts to fit AK-style BB guns. Today we're going to do a very quick one-- the conversion of the AK safety lever.


Before we get started let's have a discussion on why would we want to do this conversion in the first place. Almost every modern AK-style BB gun comes standard with a metal safety lever that should provide many years of reliable service. Even on the cheap CYMA and Dboys models, this part is made from quality stamped steel, exactly like a real one. So why even bother?


It could be that you're looking to downgrade your gun with a bunch of gimmicky bullshit. For example, take this Krebs Custom Mk VII Enhanced Safety that retails for around $80. It has an extra dong for your fingering pleasure, not to mention the gaping hole.




Seriously, it's a MK VII, it took them seven  tries to get that dong right, GOTTA be worth it. 


It's also possible that your stock safety lever has worn out. Although on most BB guns this part is steel, it is a mild steel that is not heat treated or hardened in any way. With a lot of rough use it's possible to wallow out the hole and cause it to no longer fit correctly. Remember the first rule of BB guns: All BB guns are garbage


Finally, it could just be that nothing gets your panties more sopping wet than genuine, high-grade, non-flaccid Bulgarian steel. Between you and me, that's why these posts are 'really' marked NSFW, not because of the language, I just don't want of bunch of screamin' bitches flicking the bean at work. Get your heads in the game ladies.


OK, TIME TO GET SCHLITZED. This conversion won't take very long, so be sure to start drinking at least three hours before attempting this mod. You can't focus on safety too much when you're working on a safety lever-- that's just science.


Today we're drinking Labatt Blue. Based at least in part on a historic recipe from Guinness, this beer displays what a porter may have been like hundreds of years ago before roasted malts became darker and more in fashion. It's a clear deep amber/brown in color beneath a creamy off-white head that holds well and leaves almost solid rings of lacing about the glass. The aroma is toasty, just slightly like coffee, grainy, and very lightly caramelish. The mouthfeel follows with more nuttiness and a hint of leafy hops. Mainly it's toasty and nutty, although there is a touch of fruitiness to it.




Just kidding, I'd rather eat kim-chi out of Kim-Jong's asshole than take one more sip of this rancid semi-liquid cat shit. Everyone knows the god damn canooks haven't been able to brew beer since America kicked their Frenchy balls in during 1812. Maybe we'll give you your precious Molson back when you decide to stop licking the Queen's boot.




Down to business. Here's our safety levers, real-steel Bulgarian on the left and fake-steel Taiwanian on the right.





We're going to use hand tools for this job. Yeah, that probably won't be too bad. Set the safety in a bench vice. Get a file and start working on that left nut.




Keep on filing.




More filing. Took me a little under 10 minutes to get to this point, my quads are really aching but no big deal.




There we go. Told you this would go fast.




The next step is simple. Just grab a screw driver, align it with the center of the circle, and start beating the fuck out of it with a god damn hammer. Eventually you'll pop the leaf that would actuate the internals on a real AK out the back.




We're on a roll, baby. Now just flip the safety lever over. Grab a flat head screwdriver and your hammer, and just pop this reinforced ring on the backside off.





Check it out... The remaining hole in the safety lever... is EXACTLY the same size and shape as the BB gun nut thing.





HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT HOMBRE. Why the fuck does this work? Those morons couldn't get the fucking receiver dimensions to real-steel spec, yet the INSIDE of this part is a 100% perfect fit for their random ass BB gun pot metal garbage. Why? WHY? WE DON'T KNOW AND WE NEVER WILL KNOW.


It's a mystery as old as BB guns themselves. Why does the random ass shit fit the other random ass shit? Perhaps one day we'll get a japanimation translator on the phone with Marui and force them to explain this paradoxical mandela effect conspiracy bullshit. Until that time, mankind will continue to wander in darkness.


We have achieved perfection! Sort of. Not that different from when we started, really. Perfection!



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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we deserve nice things.  Good Night!

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