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Krytac Kriss Vector Aeg Review

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After drooling over one of these for a long time, since the rumors began circulating that one was to be produced, i've been itching to get a krytac vector. A couple weeks back I decided to bite the bullet and preorder one. Long story short, it arrived this morning, and honestly I am impressed. Now a little note: The suppressor does not come with the vectors. It's a zshot licensed osprey .45acp mock suppressor in the 6" length. I thought I ordered the 8" one but mistakenly ordered the 6".... If i were a woman I'd be pretty upset by the 2" difference, but as a man sitting here drinking a fruity cocktail, I couldn't give two shits. She's still a sexy beast.


Let's start off with some pictures:





The mags are pretty simple stick mags, right around 100 rounds. Feed .30 without any issues or hiccups. Pretty cool markings on the back as well for the "round count."








Next, switches: fire select and safety. Fire select has single, 2 round burst, and full auto settings. Safety is self explanatory, red = dead.






Please note this regarding the trigger: It's a micro switch, akin to a polarstar or wolverine trigger. However, there's a satisfying click when the trigger is pulled, and it's an extremely short travel. Maybe 6-7mm of pull before the trigger actuates. In addition to that, the trigger reset is extremely short, maybe 1-2mm making rapid follow up shots incredibly easy.




My only gripe with the fire select is that it's a little awkward to maneuver. Too far for easily trigger finger flip, and equally awkward for your forward hand to reach back and switch.






Mag release and charging handle (charging handle opens hop adjustment window, mag release is the smaller button, leftmost of the 3 levers/buttons)




Also shown just beneath the hop window (rotary style hop much like their M4's) is the stock latch for when you fold the stock to the side.




Includes a side rail that can be mounted to either side of the weapon based on user preference.




Here we see one of my few gripes so far about this weapon: the gap seen here, with exposed wiring. Could be problematic in wet weather.




The folding stock is very self explanatory, however this feature I found to be quite nice. The buttpad has 4 adjustable positions. It's not quick adjust, as it uses set screws, but it's still a nice feature to have, as this is a very short weapon overall. Note, I pulled this out a tad farther than it should be to show the 4 positions.




Now, onto my biggest complaint.


This here is your battery cover, inside the pistol grip. It latches very firmly, but it's an incredibly small opening.





The only batteries I could find to fit this at my local shop were valken 20c 1300mah peq-type lipos. Even then, they're a tight fit and a bitch to remove.





Honestly, out of the box, this is the most solidly built airsoft gun i've handled. No creaks, wobbles, shakes, or rattles to be heard. The mag does rock slightly when inserted, however. I took this out of the box and shook it like a dog shakes a squirrel, and there was not a noise to be heard from the gun. Very impressed. The polymer is great quality, there's a good heft to the gun, and there's plenty of room in the hand/trigger guard for gloved fingers. Trigger response is very snappy, even with the stock spring (which apparently clocks in around 390 FPS). Mags are fairly lightweight, though very pricey.


Will update as I am able to range test and actually field it, but presently? Very happy customer here.


Heil Hydra.

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That's fantastic. Thanks so much for the review. Maybe one of these days I will add one to my arsenal as well.



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After fielding the vector at Wastelands in Illinois this past sunday, i can say that it performs beautifully, but it does have a couple issues. First, the angle of the grip can start to hurt your wrist after a while (could just be me, as the wrist in question got slammed in a hardwood door a few years ago and still acts up). Also, the charging handle gets caught very easily on my cargo pants.


As for performance, the range is great and the accuracy is too. Kept up with my buddy's crb all day long. And the double tap feature was quite fun as well. Stock out of the box she was shooting an average of 305 fps, which was quite sufficient for the field play and more than perfect for cqb. Very easy to handle, the fire select changes weren't as awkward to make as i was expecting, nor were mag changes. Overall, a very fun little gun to use.

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