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Ak Smersh And Rig Combo


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Ok, who runs a smersh loadout? Do you run just the smersh or do you run a combo with additional chest rig and/or plate carrier/body armor? Let's see it.


I love my real AK smersh, but I am looking to expand the capability by adding something with it. Mr AR setup is a full battle belt yoke setup with a high cut plate carrier over the top. Wonderful combo that allows me to carry plenty of everything while still remaining lightweight and small and having the ability to dump the PC in a hurry and run battle belt alone. I want to do something similar with my AK setup.


Russia MVD and FSB units run combinations, but primarily as a full size body armor/plate carrier under the smersh. Kind of big and bulky and I'm trying to steer clear of full size PC's. I looked at doing a small sentry model PC over the top, but the way the straps and load bearing setup of the smersh is, it sticks the PC out pretty far on the chest back, not to mention looks kinda stupid.


So, it would appear that the smersh is best when donned last over the top of everything else. So the question becomes what rig to wear underneath? A cheap chicom front? Maybe a molle platform of some type? The smersh straps can be pushed back pretty far on the beltline opening up most of the chest front for available space, but you cant really mout anything along the sides.


There isnt much out there about this (namely pictures) so what do you do? Just looking for ideas here.

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What all do you carry with your rig? What more do you want to carry? Let's see a picture of your set up.


You are correct in stating that Smersh would be best worn 'over' a secondary rig rather than vise versa. Some examples that come to mind as good choices for this would be the Chicom, SPOSN Eger, SVD Chameleon, or TT MAV if you need something molle compatible.


Smersh is designed to be pretty minimalist. It's great for carrying your essentials (ammo, water, first aid) and you can throw a few less important items in the buttpack. Personally I'd call anything more than that dead weight, and adding gear to your chest defeats one of the Smersh's key features, which is allowing you to get as close to the ground as possible when prone. But I get you may want to adapt it for other roles. I'll get you pictures of my set up if you want.

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Appreciate the input. Right now it is just a plain SSO Smersh. Beautifully simple and hands down the most comfortable rig I've ever donned, Been running it for 2 years and love it. Only thing i have added is a dump pouch and I'm currently working on attaching a hydro to the back; I'm not a fan of the idea of running the bladder in the buttpack.


Maybe I'm different, but I prefer the ability to carry even just a few mags on my chest via open top pouch. No Velcro so no sound to reload and very quick and easy to grab to reload as quickly as possible. The majority of mags will stay in the smersh, i just want to have a few on my chest in addition. I guess its what im used to coming from a past with small plate carriers.


A few of the guys I know from Florida run similar setups, but they utilize full on large plate carriers or body armor and breeching helmets and the such. I can see the advantage if training, but I don't need to be wearing body armor, and forget helmets, I will never.


I'm not really shooting for an impressionist setup like many, I'm looking for something built specifically to work with me. I guess I'm trying to see if anyone has experience with running an "unconventional" setup that puts molle on the chest without the use of a full size plate carrier.

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I've only run my setup during short skirmishes and games to slowly get accustomed to it. I've opted for my AR's for anything big, but my goal is to begin moving toward playing big games and events with my AK platforms.


So I want to maximize magazine carrying capacity, have ample ability to carry food, water, TP, medkit, and all the other necessities including grenades. The smersh is beautiful with all the smal pockets for storage, but to pull mags up to my chest and free up smersh space is somewhat important for things like food and the such as well as possibly attaching further capabilities to the chest area which I currently cannot.

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You could mod a chicom.... Cut the four side pouches off and replace them with MOLLE so you can attach grenade and/or misc. pouches. Silent mag pouch toggles, cheap, low-profile, lightweight. Small enough platform that it wouldn't interfere with anything on your smersh. Like this: 




Attach your bladder to the Smersh and wear it over the chest rig. When it's 'go time' you can quickly drop the Smersh with your empty and slow-reload mags, water, food, and misc. gear, and still have a few mags and frags.


Food and other gear that's not time-sensitive to deploy can go in the Smersh buttpack or your rucksack. That'd leave you plenty of room on the smersh for extra mag pouches, a dump pouch and pouches for misc. gear.


SPOSN makes tons of different pouches for both the Smersh and MOLLE, it sounds like you might be interested in the ones with Spanish fly clasps if yours are not that type already. Totally silent, quick to open but slower to close. Only modern manufacturer I know that uses those.


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Hot damn, thank you for the info. Modding a rig I had not even thought of, and that would be easy to do, and with Chicom rigs so plentiful, cheap. Are the Chicoms comfortable?


The link you provided, once translated, is a goldmine. I should have been looking there the entire time. Right on the first page I found effectively what may be just perfect.


Those silent clasps look interesting too. Ive been struggling to find good AK pouches in general for even my real steel, so that link has been a wonderful help, thank you sir. Have you ordered from there before?

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Yeah the chicom's plenty comfortable. The shoulder straps are flat so there'd be minimal bulk under the Smersh


I've ordered from Sposn dozens of times, but they used to not accept orders from outside Russia. I would have it sent to a friend in Russia and he'd sent it to me. It looks like that may have changed though... definitely worth checking out.

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Well I attempted ordering via my smartphone midday yesterday, and it would appear that they still don't ship out of country. However, a quick search yielded "Grey Shop" store that carries most of the SPOSN SSO line and does ship out of country, so I placed an order with them. Pricing is higher, but not by much, and still cheaper than buying anything like that here in the states. Also they stated a quicker than normal timeframe for arrival, instead of waiting the typical 6-8 weeks for something to clear and be delivered.


Seriously, thank you very much for the info. Once I have everything in hand I'll post up a picture of the final setup in case anyone else reading this thread someday is looking to do similar.

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