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Greetings, everyone! I hope everyone had a great time at Operation Quagmire!


This will be the After Action Report for Operation Quagmire.


Please tell us what you liked, what you didn't like, what went well in your opinion, what did not go well, and what you would do differently if you were to run this event. Please feel free to criticize us or critique us. That is how we learn.


I am well aware we had some problem players yesterday. I apologize for these players ruining the game for everyone. I am going to get their names, and chances are they will not ever be coming back to any Operation Summer Tears event in the future. I was made aware that these were the same players from "Team A" at McCordsville six weeks ago. If you know their names, team affiliation, or have any information to share of their misconduct on the field yesterday, please send me a PM.


An official After Action Report will be published sometime this winter, and most of it will be available for the public to view upon request.


Photos will be uploaded to the forum this evening, as will videos I took. If you have any videos or photos, please post them on the forum, or email them to me at operationsummertears@gmail.com. Please also email them to amber@explorebrowncounty.com. To the individual who dragged me out of that blasted crater, please send me the entire raw footage of the event, or post it to YouTube so I can view it. I can also post it to our YouTube channel as well, if you'd like. If so, I will edit out any foul language. Or you can, if you'd prefer.


Thank you everyone for coming, and I hope to see you at the next event!


Storyline will be updated by the end of the week on the forum. If you were part of Q.U.I.E.T., please PM me or email me your callsign and rank. Thank you.


By the way, aren't you guys glad I didn't get that 350 pound rescue randy?  :P

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--Free snacks

--Legit maps for a change

--Transport truck

--Most of the people there were pretty chill

--Patches were nicer than what I usually see


--"The Argument"

--Field size was too large for how many people we had

--Terrain was rough, but that's just me (I'm not as fit as I'd like in the leg department)

--Camo: was very hard to identify teammates

--Comms were not accessible to everyone, also hard to identify teammates


Overall I had a good time, left around 1800 because my trail shoes finally wore out :( Great meeting everyone once again as usual.

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Thank you, Snuffles. We will note all of this in the official report. I'm glad you had a good time. We will work on comms for future events - thank you for bringing that up.

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Things that went well:

- Free drinks and snacks. I've never experienced this before at a $15 price point!

- Weather.

- Great field. It was more than just your normal hilly southern Indiana. There was a fair amount of hard cover.


Things that didn't...

- Children masquerading as 40 year old men.

- as Snuffles already stated, the field was awesome, but a little much for 20-30 people.

- I felt like a nuisance to the property owners. I was asked to move my car twice and our staging area was also moved twice. Classic paintball field crap.


All-in-all, this was a good event and we'll worth the ride and $15

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The only negatives for me would be of course the 35 year old man baby trying to fight my buddy. Other than that it would have been helpful to have some landmarks indicated on the map to make it a little more useful. As for positives, where do I start? I had an absolute blast, the terrain was rough but I think that was a good thing (my sore legs disagree) as i was able to use some of the steep hills as cover and they were fun to slide down. The player count was a bit low but I think it worked out well with the field size as Q.U.I.E.T had room to move around without the larger team knowing exactly what we were doing. Oh and the transport truck was a really cool way to get us to the field all in all great event and I'll definitely be at the next. Fang I basically had my camera rolling the whole time, I've got us pulling you out and all that, however I did run out of space before we got to the extraction. After work tonight I'll work on posting it uncut and you can do whatever you would like with it.

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Rex, just want to point out that $10 goes to the field. Just a profit for them - they do absolutely nothing for us. But in a way, I kind of like that. We leave them alone, they leave us alone...

The $5 paid for the patches, which helped fund this event, past events from out of pocket expenses, and future events. Patch sales help fund this series.


Yes, I love XBC's land.


Thank you for your pros and cons. We will include all of this in the official AAR and take note for future events. With the parking, I presume this was before I arrived (blasted traffic...). When I got there, they told me to ask everyone to stay out of the regular parking because that was for their zip-line parties that day. I did ask a few guys to move their cars to make a path for arriving players to get through to the back parking.


One thing I just thought of: Gary, the guy who owns/runs XBC was focused on paintball, zip-line tours, and ATV/buggy tours. I only got to speak with him a couple times, and he told me he'd have a radio he, I, and both team commanders would have to contact him if/when needed. He was out on 3-hour tours and told me I would not be able to contact him at all. Neither are any of his staff, apparently... There were a few times I needed to speak with him, but he was gone or busy. None of his staff could help because he runs everything. So I'll see what we can do about this in the future.


Another thing I noticed I did wrong: there seemed to be a lack of communication between Gary and I. Months before the event when I had a conference with him setting up this whole event and we had so much more planned. As I said, he was surprisingly busy yesterday and I could not get much time with him to organize everything we had planned. But hey, I learned some lessons yesterday, and I will make sure to address all of them and your guys' issues and concerns in future events/games in Nashville.

EddieSpagg, awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed the event. We will work on marking landmarks on the map for future events. I look forward to watching the amazing video footage! :D

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Hey, if anyone has any videos or images of OQ, please email them to me at operationsummertears@gmail.com or if a video is on YouTube, please email me the link!

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