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Op: Danger Close 2 Aar


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OP: Danger Close 2 was hosted by Point3Airsoft at Mutual Combat Club on 07OCT2017.



Near perfect weather

Great sportsmanship

Well organized and thought out event

EOs were everywhere and easy to get in touch with

EOs kept to their schedule

No shortage of objectives

New and innovative props to interact with

Raffle items

HiFi Resupply a new player owned airsoft store



I honestly can't think of anything the EOs could have done to improve anything, they covered all of their bases.

I did take fire once from someone that I think was too close, as in shot me within their MED but not the end of the world.

Lack of attendance? No idea what's been up with that the last like month or so.

My biggest problem was my equipment failure causing me to leave a little early. I typically have wiring issues but now I'm having feeding/mag issues, which is new. I definitely think my AK has lived past it's lifespan. It's time for a new one.


Anyways I had a great time playing on a great field in wonderful weather with some awesome people. I'd like to thank everyone who did show up. And of course thank you to Foxfire to letting us use your field and to the guys and Point3Airsoft for hosting this event.



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Never a bad time for a new gun ;).

Thanks for the positive feedback, Joker! We'll see you next year and, hopefully, with more players in attendance. 

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First of, let me thank Point3Airsoft for a well planned and well executed event. Any up and coming EOs probably should have made this event to see what proper planning looks like.


Raffle items and sponsors

Well planned mission specific game style

No hit calling issues

No bad attitudes

Got to meet all new faces

Event ran on time

Had a great time playing in this event



Seeing all this planning for a low turnout

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