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Project Hero Camo Sale On Evike


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Hey, I want to start off saying I'm not sure if this would fall under gear or general discussion, so admins, please move this thread accordingly.



I've been scrolling through Evike's website and fell across some Project Honor Camo gear. It started off with random items with major price cuts, but as I looked further into it, their uniforms which are usually ridiculously expensive being a unique pattern sold by LBX, it looks as though all gear is on sale with dirt cheap prices compared to their original price.


I am posting this here to give everyone who has ever wanted to purchase a kit in PHC, but did not have the funds to do so, or just likes the pattern.


It seems as though Evike is trying to get rid of it all. I know some plate carriers are already discontinued, so tough luck there. Better hurry!


EDIT: It's only Project Honor Camo, no other patterns or gear are on sale. Looks like it's been on sale for a few months. Also, I looked on their website and they no longer offer this camouflage pattern. So I suggest you get it while you can. On the pants, I've read some reviews on Evike that the waists were a little smaller than what's advertised on their website. I will do some more research and respond accordingly.


EDIT 2: After researching all LBX pants on their website, I have found that people are saying to order down in size. Basically, they are saying the waists are larger than what is being advertised on their website.


Someone on Evike said he purchased large and received 32-34. Even so, another user stating he wears a 32-34 purchased a medium and the waist was a too large for him. Another user stated upon receiving his pants in a size large, the waist was 32 to 34. Other users claim the pants run extremely small. So honestly, I don't know who what to believe. I'm going to call Evike today when they open and ask them about this and their return policy on over-sized clothing. I doubt it will be anything hopeful, but I will still ask.


TL;DR - Pants are too small on big people and too big on small people. The world is ending. I will call Evike tomorrow and figure this out and report back here. Godspeed, brethren.

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Their pant sizing varies between manufacturing runs. I bought a pair of their RG pants in a large, 38-40" waist listed, and when I got it in they didn't fit. I went and measured the actually size of the waist and it was just barely 36".


That being said, yeah the Project Honor stuff being cheap is a great way to get great gear for cheap. I know myself and a few other people picked up one of the Lock and Load chest rigs before they went out of stock.Their clothing is great, I love wearing my RG pants to games because they're so damn comfortable. The only negative is how wonky their sizing can be.

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I would hate to purchase a pair of pants and have them be too small. You would think that with LBT being such a prestigious company they would have fixed this long ago.


I have heard a lot of people stating how comfortable LBX pants are. I think I'll just take a whack at it and purchase a pair before their out. I wonder if LBX will sell the pattern rights to another company.

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