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Mandalorian Armor Phase 2


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I've wanted to have mandalorian armor that I could use in games for a few years now.

I couldn't find any body armor to modify that I liked, and I didn't want to pay Galatac prices (while nice, it wasn't quite what I wanted anyway).


The vest is scratch built from denier nylon and foam to give it body and the appearance of actual ballistics armor. The hard plates are made from kydex. To help with heat I added a ballistics plate pouch to the back. It holds Qore Ice plate snugly. Underneath the pouch the foam has been removed to let the cold through. I've also got a marine cooling vest that I can wear underneath to help let air flow between the vest and my body.


I'm already planning on a few modifications. Rifle stocks tend to slide around on the plates. The harness for my rifle mags helps, but if I'm wearing it there isn't anything to stop it. I need to add a stop to either side of the front. I'm also planning on making a groin plate at some point.


Let me know what you think.

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Having seen this in person and in action I can tell you that I love it. Your creativity is inspiring. Keep up the good work man.



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I don't really take on custom work for other people. They usually have things like "expectations" and "deadlines".


I would however be more than happy to help you achieve it on your own.

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