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Need Some Help With A Radio If You Know Your Stuff


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OK. So I bought two of these:




For my son and I. They are dual band. I can push one button and speak to the first chosen channel, the second let's me speak to the second chosen channel. Here is where I am lost. When we set the radio on 2 different channels we can hear and transmit to each other but we cannot hear or talk to any other radios on the same channel. I am stumped. We tried changing channels. We tried putting both bands on the same channel but no matter what I did we could not communicate with anyone else. Just the two of us.


Thoughts, ideas, things to try would be welcome. 

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I'd check the ctcss settings. As I understand it, it uses an inaudible tone to create sub channels within a frequency. If they're set differently, you'll be locked out of that sub channel.

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You might only be able to communicate with each other because your radios don't have the same programming as everyone else's. Baofengs need to be programmed when they are first used; not sure how to do it but i know there are a few members on here who can.

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you can only broadcast on the chosen channel if you're on A you can only talk on A but can listen to B and vise versa.




did you manually enter every station ?

or use the programming cable?

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I did not get a programming cable. I can switch channels up and down starting with 1 to at least 12 (haven't gone further). They seem to all be pre programmed. I'll have them with me on the 25th at MCC.

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As a few others before me have stated, it has to do with the programming. I presume based on the pictures shown that this radio did not come with a programming disc nor a USB cable. What you could do is take the radios in to RadioShack if they are still in business (I don't get out much) and see if they have the ability to program them for you. These are nice radios, and they are great for closed communication on the field so you can almost guarantee no one is eavesdropping on your comms.


I found this link directly below the product in the "Frequently Bought Together" area:




That should solve your future radio programming issues and allow you to create individual channel names and whatnot.


"Don't trust your gear further than you can throw it."


Hope this helps!

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I can't figure out how to edit my previous post, but I realized none of us really "answered" your question. At least, not completely.


So the issue with you not being able to speak with other players on the field is because these radios have around 128 or so programmable channels. That means that out of all the players on the field with VHF/UHF (Very/Ultra High Frequency, I can explain more if needed) radios that are compatible with your set, there is approximately a 1 in 128 chance (relatively) that you and others on the field are operating on the same frequency. Because of this, you are not able to speak with other players.


If you were to use those cheap, dinky little Motorola radios you'd find in Wal-Mart that advertise a range of 35 miles, you could talk to anyone with a similar radio. These radios are all around, and this consequently makes them vulnerable to enemy eavesdropping.


In summary, the radios you have only work with other compatible radios on pre-programmed channels. This is why you cannot talk with anyone else on the field.


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, and tell me how those radios work out for you!

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