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Noob Day - 04/01/17


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So how was it for everyone? If I counted correctly there was somewhere around 41+ people in attendence so I got to meet some faces new and old. That alone was worth the trip. Other than one particular individual not calling his hits, I had a good time.

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As a first time attendee, I would like to start by saying that I had a very enjoyable time. The field is absolutely fantastic as it offers much in the way of flanking opportunities and a diverse environment (man-made and natural cover). I especially appreciated the event patch!


Event Purpose

To be best of my understanding, the primary purpose of Noob Day is to introduce new players to the sport in a fairly relaxed environment. I believe this event both met and somewhat failed to meet this objective. I will outline why I feel this way below.


What Went Well

- The games stuck to very simple mechanics that were easy for first time players to understand. I very much enjoyed the "ticket" system as it did not penalize a team who had players take breaks and/or hydrate during the game since that allowed for additional respawns for the players still in the game. It is never fun to be outnumbered on the field because your players who would to continue playing are out of lives. 

- In general, there appeared to be solid leadership within each team that helped to get newer players playing an important role in their team. Specifically, I did not see very many seasoned players yelling at newer player to move up unless they were also willing to move forward. 

- Turnout. I was absolutely blown away by the impressive turnout for this event. That being said, it is fairly disheartening to see that 40+ people "signed-up" to play on Facebook but only a third of that number signed up on the forum. 


What Could Have Gone Better and How to Address in Future

- Parking. There appeared to be no IMPACT team members or volunteers directing parking which lead to a very angry neighbor and very poor parking decisions made by players. In the future, I would suggest having 1-2 volunteers direct parking as well as utilizing flags to indicate parking boundaries. 

-Late Start Time. While this event was clearly labeled as a noob day, I was not anticipating the amount of down time that we experienced. I do not recall the specific start time, but I believe the first game started around 12:00-12:30. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal except that the vast majority of players were on site at the instructed time (10:00).I would suggest that event organizers try to more closely follow the posted timeline, especially since it is such a rarity for so many players to arrive on time. 

- Rule Ambiguity. During the pre-game briefing, IMPACT team members vaguely went over the event rules. I believe the rules were the standard "call your hits, don't be a jerk", and vague field boundaries. At most games this isn't an issue since most players understand that bang kills are a courtesy (unless specifically told otherwise), MED for certain joule levels are expected (regardless of explicitly being stated), dead players can't talk, and misrepresenting your current status (dead/alive) is inconsiderate at least and cheating at worse. However, due to it being a noob day, I believe more in-dept rules would have been worthwhile. Toward the end of the second game, multiple members from each team were casually walking from their side to the other while pretending to be heading toward or returning from the staging area for water, amo, etc. Once they were safely "behind enemy lines" they proceeded to multi-kill their way into infamy. After taking one of these hits myself, i asked the player where they had come from (I watched him walking to our spawn with a dead teammate of mine). He informed me that he just walked down the center path from his spawn. This lead me (and many members of my team) to believe he was on his way to the staging area. Now, it was clearly stated that team identifiers would not be used for (insert reason here), BUT when players clearly abuse this by pretending to be on your team or pretending to be headed back to spawn because they died, this is an abuse of the lax-rules. Needless to say, it is not fun for a new (or experienced for that matter) player to get killed by a player who was using the lax event rules to their benefit and to the detriment of other players. 


I hope this information is worthwhile as I definitely plan to attend the next event at this field. 

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