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The Tiger Shark

Lct As Val Possible Help?

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Hey guys, got my new LCT AS VAL in 2 days ago. Decided to be Mr moron and take the stock 6.02 barrel out and switch to a Prometheus 6.03.


I completely went roid rage on the stock bucking, completely tore it into shit had to order a madbull bucking (currently on the way). I'm having some trouble keeping the nub in place along with setting the barrel into the hop up correctly. Is there anyone who could possibly help me out in getting this in correctly?


It's super embarrassing to ask something like this, because I've done enough of these to know how to do it. But there is defiantly something I'm doing wrong that I need someone to look at from a different stand point.


I'm willing to pay someone for the time (even if it's like a 10 min job.)


All I ask as that it's set correctly.


Thanks again



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