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Op: Spring Cleaning 3/4/17 Aar


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Howdy guys


From all of us in Third Group, we sincerely hope you guys had a good time at the game. We gave it our best effort to put forth a good game, and we saw a lot of people having a great time and got a lot of positive constructive feedback.


My personal pros were:

  • Absolutely incredible airsofting weather.
  • Great turnout
  • Good team balance. The first objectives lasted longer than we expected. Enjoyably long lasting firefights.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade section of the day seemed to be a success. Hope you offloaded some of that extra gear

Some cons:


  • Issues with chronos early on.
  • A couple hit calling issues, but definitely below par with what I've seen before. Good job being honorable, guys. We sincerely appreciate that. 
  • I had a couple issues with people not keeping eye protection on. Most of this was one person, who took goggles off after being repeatedly asked to keep them on. In the future, this CAN'T happen guys. We do not want anyone leaving the game missing an eye.

But as EO's, there is only so much we can see. We appreciate all the feedback you can give for our next event, Tell us what you liked, what you want to change, and new stuff you would like to see in the future!


Thanks guys! -3G

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A fantastic time was had. GG 3G.



1. Weather. Considering there was snow on my car early in the morning, the weather was beautiful.


2. Fantastic turnout. Overall good team balance.


3. All my weapons performed without issue.


4. Lumpless didn't burn the field down or up.


5. I signed up with a +2 that boomed to +6 for the roster.


6. Good hit calling... Well. There was that... Uh. Later.



1. The approach of the tan "leadership" of throwing all of the "noob styled" tan players on one side of things and send them out to be meat shields, while the "elite operators" were set to flank, left a sour taste with some of the "noob" players. This notion ultimately meant nothing as per traditional firefights meant splintering up anyway, but was not appreciated nevertheless. I'm not mad per se, just disappointed with that mentality. People don't learn by osmosis, they learn by example and direction. Not cliques.



1. One isntance of a player telling me that he hit me (I felt, heard and saw nothing). I proceeded to dump ammo his way. Nothing. I wasn't having any part of it, so I was in the process of bailing when he came running after, only to trip up, and crash. I checked to make sure he was okay, and we decided to trade. It was a mixed bag of tricks, not good, nor horrible. Just weird.


Overall, had a fantastic time. Always a good game at the Mutual Combat Club.

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First off, let me apologize for not calling my hit one time. I rushed the sniper tower firing my handgun and didn't feel half the BBs that peppered my chest. I called myself out when I finally felt one hit my shoulder but I still felt guilty about it, so sorry to whoever was shooting me (I was wearing a white shirt and khakis).


Anyway, I'll list off my pros/cons now:



  • Gave away some of the stuff I didn't need for free
  • Picked up a CYMA MP5 (thanks to ghostface320, +1)
  • Met some new faces and had a decent hour shooting the breeze with most of the smaller groups for a bit.
  • No friendly fire issues; was easy to identify my mates.
  • The Team American Weapons vs. Team Russian Weapons game in the town was a lot of fun, despite the sun blinding my team.
  • Good weather; ended up taking off more layers.
  • Nice turnout of players, maybe 20 on each team.



  • Got lost on the way (my fault; Maps auto-corrected "Pheasant" to "Pleasant" and we got lost 30min away.). However my friend and I bumped into RAAEN who had the same issue so we followed him back since his phone had reception.
  • First time testing my new PMC rig and it was a bit uncomfortable, but next time I'll prepare before I drive down. My fault.
  • Field had a lot of small trees and thorn bushes that made it hard to traverse the wooded areas and sneak up on or get away from players.
  • Spawn points in the first game were too far apart from the AO, and at one point tan had pushed up right to the path that led to it, making it almost impossible to get back in.
  • I missed a throwing knife kill by a centimeter. :(
  • Backed into a pole I couldn't see by accident and I'm probably out 1k in damage to my car. Another fault on my end but I didn't feel sour until I got back home.

Overall, I had a good time. Hopefully we can get some footage and pictures because I saw quite a few people with cameras and GoPros. POST YOUR STUFF PEOPLE!

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Oh Man Snuffles, that sucks with the car. 


As being on the receiving end of your generosity, I can say my son is pumped for that AK. Thanks again.


I had a great time this game. Started out a little frustrated as my son had some gun and battery issues but after a switch out for him things went well. Great weather and I had no issues with anyone I sparred with calling hits. The field is great and playing for objectives always adds an entertaining layer for me.


After 12 months doing this I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I had about twice the number of kills than deaths which is unusual for me so I call it a win. Hopefully that will be the start of a trend. I also found everyone I interacted with to once again be pretty cool. And I was able to upgrade my vest so all in all a solid day.

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I had fun at this event. The EO's were professional. I liked that the B/S/T only took an hour. Briefing was kept short but clear.


-EO's present all over the field (including in the staging area during game).

-Respectful players. Everyone picked up after their trash. Someone even picked up existing trash.

-Nice weather to pew pew. 

-EO's were observant and fair (attention to small details such as making sure individuals had their arms taped before hitting the field).


-People talking during briefing

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I really enjoyed this event and felt that it flowed very well. 


What Went Well

- There were plenty of EO's who didn't just spend their time standing in the middle of the town chatting. 

- The teams felt fairly balanced. 

- TAPE WAS USED! I cannot express strongly enough how much the tape helped to remove confusion.


What Could Be Improved

- There seemed to be a fair number of decisions made on the fly by the EO's. While this isn't necessarily always a negative, it did create confusion a few times throughout the day. Specifically, at the start of the game there was confusion about where Green team was starting which lead to Tan getting to the town around the same time that green did which made green's objective (defending the town) a little difficult. 

- Perhaps I was the only player who thought this, but I wish we could have taped both arms. Again, this may be a little too extreme for most people, but there were plenty of times where I didn't have vision of the taped arm but had vision of the non-taped arm. Again, this is likely personal preference but I would love to be able to determine team (especially for the non-BDU users) by having vision of either arm.

- Through discussions with a few other players, I believe a common discussion was about the medic situation. Due to the size of the AO, I found myself away from the designated medics the entire day. This isn't necessarily a fault of the EO's or medics, but I would personally prefer a larger number of medics, or universal medics. This would have been especially nice due to the size of the AO. Regardless, it didn't really hinder my game experience.


All in all this was one of the best games that I've been to. I personally enjoyed it a lot more than Kickstart (3?) which is saying something since the attendance was significantly less. It says a lot that I enjoyed nearly constant action with such a large field and fairly "small" number of players. 


Well done 3G!

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First I want to thank Foxfire and Amazonwoman for allowing Third Group to host their event at your field.


I would like to also thank Third Group for hosting! I know hosting isn't the most fun thing in the world but you guys worked well together and did a good job. Keep up the good work.



Aforementioned good weather

Good turnout, almost 50 by my count

Quality players in attendance with positive attitudes

Before game briefing to make sure everyone was on the same page

EOs adapted! This is very important and key to becoming successful EOs. You can only plan for so much.

EOs were easy to get in touch with

B/S/T was a cool addition and went well



I don't know what greens objectives were but I think tan could have used a couple more simple ones to keep them busy.

Tan's coms were hit and miss (though I've seen MUCH worse)


As much as it pains me I have to give Lumpless a little credit, he wasn't as bad of a CO as you might expect. Overall I had a great time and can't wait for Third Group's next event.



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