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Krytac Lvoa-S


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Recently purchased the Krytac LVOA-S, after fielding it for the first time this past weekend here's my review. I'm going to try to focus on things unique to the LVOA-S since we already more in depth reviews of the Krytac internals and system as a whole.



The externals are exactly what I'd expect from Krytac. The finish is uniform and feels good to the touch. The trades are on both side and, from what I can see from pictures of the Warsport LVOA, are accurate to the real steel gun. The Defiance pistol grip is a huge improvement over the A2 grips that shipped with the original Krytacs (aka my CRB). It's not quite as comfortable as the Grip 23 I have on my CRB, but I have no complaints. The ambi fire selector is the same as the rest of the Krytac line, the controls on the right side are a little stiff but usable. There is zero wobble on the rails, receiver, and buffer tube out of the box. I also really appreciate that with the newer Krytac releases they are including a metal, black flash hider in the box since they know you're going to get rid of that orange plastic one. The LVOA-S and LVOA-C in particular come with the Warsport top hat flash hider, which is a nice touch and adds to the faithfulness of the reproduction of the real thing.


There is one oddity that I found. The threaded holes on the rail are not tapped to the same threading as most Keymod accessories. At no point is it advertised to be tapped as such, but it's just a thing to keep in mind. The threaded holes are tapped for 8/32 M4 screws, so you can get some screws off of McMaster Carr for attaching accessories.




Same internals as the rest of the Krytac line. MOSFET lets you run an 11.1v lipo without working about your trigger contacts. Speaking of the trigger, my model has the Mk2 improvements including the flat trigger. Only slight complain about the flat trigger is I'd expect the trigger pull to be a bit shorter with a flat trigger. Not a huge issue, but something I noticed. The gun sounds great out of the box, Krytac has some of the best shimming and AoE correction out of the factory. Semi auto shots are nice and snappy and full auto pushes out ~22 RPS on an 11.1v lipo. I still like the Krytac hop up unit. It shows how consistent their manufacturing is when I can remember what the hop setting was for a .28 on my old CRB,  hop the LVOA right to that, and it shoots laser straight.




Out of the box, the LVOA-S shot right at 374 FPS with a variation of about 2-3 FPS on a .2 gram BB. The hop up and barrel combo gave consistent performance with tight groupings. Compared to my Mk1 CRB with it's Prowin hop up, Prommy 6.03 TBB, and Modify flat hop bucking/nub, I'd say the LVOA-S was within 5% of the accuracy of that setup.




The Krytac LVOA-S is another great addition to the Krytac lineup. You can pick it up at pretty much every major airsoft retailer for $415.

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