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Lancer Tactical Goggles May Not Be Ansi Rated


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Thanks to Gun Gamers for posting this on Facebook, really important people know this.


Revision helped in a sting against companies selling knockoffs of their products, one of said sellers was Lancer Tactical. Revision tested the knockoffs and found that they "fail ANSI testing, EN166 anti-fog testing, MIL-PRF-32432 abrasion testing, and have V50 ballistic values well below Revision product standards." They only tested direct knockoffs of their products, but if one or two Lancer Tactical set of goggles isn't up to code it's probably not too much of a stretch to assume the vast majority aren't either.


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Yeah I saw this all over social media yesterday as well. It also apparently effects some of the bigger retailers that were selling the knockoffs. Kind of scary to think some players are using eye protection maybe not knowing they could be faulty.


Even Revision put something up on their website about it:



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Ironic.  I got shot in the eye wearing a pair of Revisions.  I now wear a Dye mask....

Unfortunately I think that had less to do with the quality of the lenses themselves and more to do with the projectile moving the rubber out of the way...

But at the same time, what if shrapnel from an IED squeezed through the rubber in a similar way to what happened? Gambling on eyesight isn't bueno. It's why ESS made the cortex clip to reinforce the frames and cover the weak seal around the nose, they understand that you'll be getting shot less-lethally much more often than those in combat.


I don't understand why companies do this sort of stuff. It's one thing to sell a sketchy repro vest that is designed for looks and pouches, but eye protection without the protection? Really?

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