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Fma Ballistic Goggles With Fan


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Hi Guys,


Gruder has requested that I write up a review for these goggles so I'll let you guys have it.


I got these goggles from Tinywind, and they took a little over a month for them to arrive. It came in a beat up box, which gave me a little concern, but that wasn't a big deal because the goggles come with a nice case.


Inside the box was the following:


-A nice carrying case

-An additional clear goggle lens.

-A microfiber cloth


I fielded these goggles for the first time last Saturday after switching out the tinted lenses with the clear ones. So far I love them. I didn't have any issue with fog after setting the fan at high and they withstood a couple of bb's straight to the lenses without even a scratch.




-They fit nicely on my face. There aren't any holes or gaps.

-Good build quality for the price with the exception of the foam.

-The fan is easy to use. There is one button that you push to turn it on. Pushing the button once puts the fan on low, twice high, third time turns the fan off.

-The fan is relatively quiet. You can't hear it on low, but you can faintly hear it when it's running on high.



-The foam is held on by a cheap adhesive. Mine is starting to pull apart at the bottom by the nose already after using them for one game.

-Shipping takes forever.(What else can you expect when ordering from China?)

-There is no cloth sleeve for the extra lens.


Rating - 7/10


I tried adding photos, but I can't use anything from imgur so I gave up.

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Update to this. After using these a couple of times the fan has issues now. The leads that run to the fan are pretty thin and the solder on the fan is weak. The fan has been cutting in and out making these goggles obnoxious. I am going to try and re-solder the leads to see if I can fix this because it was making me mad while trying to play with them over the weekend.

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