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Impact Open Play 11/26/16 Aar


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IMPACT hosted another Open Play at Joker's Circus in Bloomington on 11/26/16 for free.


Nothing really special about this particular event, just a simple Open Play. The gameplay and atmosphere was very relaxed and we even grilled some hotdogs.



Weather was much better than expected, especially for almost December.

Good player turnout with almost 30 in attendance.

Simple/easy scenarios.

New Airsoft players.

New players to the field.

Good sportsmanship.



Time between rounds was a little slow.

Joker's Circus is a bit bare this time of year and some bunkers need repairing.

Slight disorganization.

Maybe too relaxed?


In conclusion I had a good time, I hope you all did as well. I would like to thank everyone who came out to play.



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