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Mtac 11/13/2016


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In case you haven't heard, MTAC is a military/law enforcement training facility in Muncie, IN that recently became interested in hosting airsoft events after speaking with some community members in the area. The owner cooperated extremely well with Hot Lips Hoolehan to organize the first event this past Sunday, and is still eager to do what he can to make MTAC an enjoyable location for airsofters to come to.


If you remember the old Indianapolis Indoor Airsoft building that used to be in Beech Grove, this facility is actually a little smaller than that, surprisingly. However, it is built extremely well, featuring:

-Multiple working doors


-Cabinets, couches, beds, dressers, counters, even a toilet

-A small church (6 pews and a podium)

-A breaching door (Metal door that uses a wooden peg to hold it shut. Must be kicked open, and different sized pegs can be used to adjust the breaching difficulty)

-An intact car

-A second-story walkway for staff to observe the game from

-Nice bathrooms


The owner currently wants to hold two events a month; one for actual playing and one for teaching close quarters tactics. As of now, both events are $20 pre-registered, $30 day of, and will be capped at 20 players (to prevent over crowding).


This really is a nice place to play at with a good, stand up guy running it. I highly recommend checking it out sometime

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Eric at MTAC was extremely helpful and open to how we wanted to do things, I will happily be running more events there and hope other EOs will come and host games of their own there so i get some trigger time in that amazing facility :) I also like that he is even willing to use his own staff to give players some real deal training if they would like to participate in those events, if you look at the prices for his classes the $20 hes charging for our training courses is dirt cheap compared to the others. He is even talking with his connections from the real steel world for gear to get us some great prices on stuff he can carry on site for a gear shop. 

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Are we still set to go back on the 4th?


Yeah, registration is open, last I checked there were only like 4 slots left though, so it'll be a full house of 30.

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