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Onetigris Foldable Half Mask - Review

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So I finally got this mask in last week and had a chance to try it out on Sunday at MTAC. Here's my thoughts on this mask.




Fit and Comfort:

If I had one complaint about this mask, it's the fit. The cloth on the sides require the mask to be cinched down tight, which is a tiny bit annoying, but the other side of the coin is that this lets you get a really good cheek weld on the rifle while still having mesh protecting your mouth. The indoor place we were at is kept at around 55 degrees and in that I had no major issues with sweating, just condensation on the wire mesh from breathing on it, but I'm not so sure how it would be on a hot/humid day. The cloth on the sides is a nylon fiber with padding and a mesh fabric underneath, similar to the back end of some plate bags on plate carriers. I feel like if the fabric sections were made of like open-cell neoprene it would breath better on a hot day, but I've yet to test this out in any sort of heat as it stands so the jury is out on that.



Facemask isn't worth anything if it doesn't offer any protection right? I can say that it's a non-issue with this mask, took multiple hits to the mask and no issues with either the mesh or the cloth.


Build Quality:

Overall the build quality is pretty good. The only issue I have is at the tip of the nose guard had a very tiny bit of the mesh sticking through the fabric around the outside, but other than that no issues.



I'd say that overall it's a pretty good facemask. It isn't too bulky, not terribly expensive, and (literally 3 days after I ordered mine from China) you can get it through Amazon Prime. If you're in the market for a lower facemask, this is one to take a look at.


Link to the mask on Amazon

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I'll throw in my two cents since broken already has a pretty good format and review up for this product.


So I picked up a couple of these as well and I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality. OneTigris has a reputation for being hit or miss, but more so hit than miss.

The stitching is solid and uniform, the material feels high quality; both of the masks lack the nose guard issue that broken had.


The weirdest bit has to be the way it fits: It certainly lacks the rigidity of regular masks, but it's not super flismy. It is very comfortable, and If you tighten it just right it will make an excellent mask for aiming down sights. It feels a bit hotter than my other masks, but I haven't actually tested it on an outdoor field yet.

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