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Onetigris Foldable Mesh Mask


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So I was on YouTube today and found this video by Gun Gamers. It looks a lot like those Division Six mesh masks that are from the UK, which have been really well received because of their design. Going to have to pick up a set of these, test them for myself.


Edit: Forgot the link to the mask

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Oh hey, i know that guy. 

Let us know how you feel when you get your hands on one, I trust what Ehouse says, but I may be a bit biased lol. 

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Will do, ordered an od green and tan one yesterday and should get here at some point next month. Found the mask on Amazon btw. Sadly it looks like the mask is new enough where they haven't stocked them in Amazon's warehouses, so they still ship out of China.

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Quick update: I got the two I ordered in this week, I'm going to test them out this weekend at Muncie then I'll write up a review.

Have you had a moment to test these? Looks like something I'd be interested in snagging.

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