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S.a.t Aar Impact Mutaul Combat 9/10/16


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Thought I would get this started.. Seen some amazing sportsmanship and gameplay at this event.  Cant thank everyone enough who braved the weather to come have some fun sniping.   Cant wait for the next one.. Here is a link to all the pictures Ashley and Rattlr took at the game.   Should have some video posted up soon to from the scope cam and gopro.   



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This was supposed to be sniper training. Instead it turned into how to keep my ass alive training!

All the snipers were on point. They blended in like chameleons, and moved very sneaky sneaky. Good job fellas!

I would like to give a shout out to Tomahawk for the sneaky bang kill. I had a good time.

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I guess my AAR didn't post.


This was a pretty good event though it had a relatively small turn out. Good job to all the snipers, it was a great day. There was really no problems with people calling hits or anything which is nice cause unfortunately you don't attend many of those these days.



-First game since injuring myself

-Ran my new rifle, already got plans for upgrades.

-Got to run the Gorka-E for the first time this season

-Bang killed foxfire

-sniped a few people

-Great group of guys

-slow start but picked up through the day

-It's always a good day at Mutual Combat

-seeing the fiend gave me some ideas for some events ;)


Cons (for my wallet)

-Crimson making me want to buy a wolverine bolt

-got a good tip on where to get some heavy BBs


Actual cons:

There weren't any actual cons that I feel need to be addressed.


Everybody was very honest and truthful, no hit calling issues, no arguments, everyone respected the rules. This was a great time.





I may or may not release a video, most of my footage was boring so we'll see.

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