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Black Jack Aar


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First off, I had a way better time at this than I did at Pandora! 



1) Weather was very good!!! 

2) Got to run with some awesome players! Broken, WhipLash and his friend Eric, Ronin (Section8) as well as some of Hanback's guys. Talk about doing "work", these guys kicked ass all day long!!! Great job gentlemen!! 

3) Firefights were intense in the woods and around all the buildings. 

4) Hit calling, I had very few issues. (Questionable for sure) 



1) Being called a cheater.......this totally pissed me off and I questioned the player calling me this. They said well not you necessarily but your side. Ok, I'm cool with that to a point. I did not play Sunday, but a few of my teammates did and they switched sides due to the lack of numbers on the Federals side. The cheating on the other side as reported to me was bad.........I can see why I was called a cheater. Disgraceful to say the least!! 

2) Not playing Sunday. 


Again, call the freakin' hit!!! 


Overall, I will entertain going back again for sure. 


Broken and Whiplash, awesome playing with you guys and would run with you anytime!! 


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I had more fun at Pandora's box but the 2nd day was great. We had some good guys leading assaults but people wouldn't stick together or report back. I finally got my brothers to come so between them, me and my friend we ran together 2nd day and kicked ass on the left.

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