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Op: Pandora's Box Vi 6/4-6/5 2016 Aar


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Whelp, lets get this started gents.


I had a pretty grand time, even with us ruskies getting our asses handed to us the majority of the weekend.




Weather was just about perfect the whole weekend

Pretty good honesty and integrity, only a couple of questionable hit issues

Blackwatch, IPMO, Section 8, and ISA bring one hell of a fighting force

Using my new cyclone and an hfc 107 to clear the airfield tower (then getting shot in the ass by starblade....)

Ak performed very well, as did my gear. Do have some areas that need work however with the gear.

Great times at the campsite shooting the shit with everybody

Meeting new faces, and getting to see old ones again

Moonshine. Oh boy.

Nightgame laser/lights shenanigans (Epic gun guy?)

Less overshooting than i've become accustomed to




My ass is beat, and I'm fairly certain someone transplanted the knees of an 80 year old hooker on me.

Cuddled with a thorn bush mid firefight near the radio tower. Many a regret is being had.

HFC pistol shit out right at the end of the day sunday

Moonshine. It goes here too.

Someone done shat a shit all over the russian headquarters at the start of the game saturday.

Green had a noticeable amount of players who failed to actually play.

Wonky rules with rockets.

Comms. That is all.


I'm sure there's more in both, but i'm pretty brain dead at the time of writing this.


Star, solid pistol run there near the end of the first half sunday. Have a nice little bruise on my leg from your G19.

Bear, badass helmet. That and I shot you. Tehe.

Excellent grilling this weekend.

Broken, gratzi for the .12's for the cyclone.

Neb and Gary? The assistance back to the tent was greatly appreciated.


MIR, thanks for hosting the event, I had a pretty grand time.

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Pros: good time being with friends.

Ran with Blackwatch, ISA, and my good friends from Chicago. Blackwatch wore me out we moved around the field so much.

Great weather

Lots of cooked meat products on the fire

Epic gun guy

All around good time.



This has been an epic year for allergies. I played 2 hours on Saturday and spent the majority of the remainder of Saturday with swollen eyes, and I couldn't breathe.

Jackasses firing full auto during the night game at spectators behind the mesh nets. Spectators didn't have goggles on, and weren't supposed to be shot at. The bb's went through the netting. Bad time all around.

I haven't been this wore out in a while. I need to drop this extra weight and get fit.

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Ah. Pandora's Box. Where to begin...





2nd game


Shotgun kills

Said shotgun surviving the event

Seeing familiar faces

Honor wasn't an issue

Refs were everywhere


A rocket strike took a building out with all the Greens in it. I alone was left alive to perform a mighty ambush. It was my crowning moment of awesome. I took 3 tans with me.


No fog the second game due to new goggles.


Rushing in for a life or death bang kill. Such a sweet, sweet thrill.




1st game


I was over shot while dead to dissuade a guy from rezzing me. Red rag being waved proudly in the air.


Greens walking off the field en masse, allowing tans to kill the leftovers back to spawn for the first game. That crap is getting old. It got to the point where there was smoke and everything in our spawn point. I re-entered the game, and scared two guys half to death with my grenade pistol. That was worth it, bit still.


While it was a huge pro, all of the refs were bunched up, and I had to yell to get one to move so I could plug a tan that ran up next to him. Le sigh


Towards the end of the 2nd game, the bulk of our forces were sent out on a fool's errand. That didn't sit well with me.


Overall, I got my money's worth and had fun.


We'll be back.

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Where to begin!!! I'm was totally spent by Sunday early afternoon with a bad case of chaffed butt!!!



1) Working with some really great teams and people!! Trunk and I ran as CO/Xo for tan. Teams repping:

1) Indiana Spartan's


3) Section8

4) Tuetonic Knights

5) [blackWatch]

6) WetWorks

If I missed anyone I apologize.

2) Epic fire fights all over the field with honor at an all the time high!!

3) Great attitudes

4) I got shot and did some shooting.

5) Trying to get past the airfield that first day was almost impossible!!

6) Weather the second day was absolutely fantastic.


1) One of our guys decided to play the night game and almost cut his ear off. Huge thanks to Whiplash for running him to the ER for 30 stitches!

2) First day was extremely humid!!

3) did I mention monkey butt!!!


Overall I had a good time and pooped!! I love the field! If you didn't make it this year try and make Black Jack or Pandora next year.

Thanks for the fight!!

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  • The refs seemed to be pretty on point with watching the major firefights
  • Didn't notice too many hit calling issues
  • Other than a light sprinkling, the weather wasn't too bad
  • Great field as always


  • The Russian team had little to no command structure and comms were spread thin. Multiple times I'd radio on the command channel for reinforcements on the main flank and I got one of two responses. I either got "Oh we are too focused on objective X, we can't spare anyone you're on your own" or "Yeah we'll send some people over" and no one ever came.
  • The Russian team refused to contest most of the flank pushes by the US. At one point we were up on the tower to the southeast of the castle holding that flank so the squads on the east side didn't get flank. We were getting hammered hard, so I look back to see if we have anyone coming to reinforce us and what do I see? There were 20-30 people, most of which is short barreled rifles (aka not DMRs or snipers) sitting on the castle battlements plinking away at people they had no hope of hitting. I had to practically beg them to actually move up and help repel the US, but that only lasted for a few minutes until they all buggered off and the Russians eventually lost the southwest flank.
  • On that point, when MiR asked some squads to switch over to the American side they vastly overcompensated. Most of the better players ended up on the US side and it showed.
  • My wife flying out for two weeks of training on Sunday, I had to miss the second day of Pandora's Box again -.-

In short I think this year would have been a lot better had MiR not meddled in the team signups. They tried to balance stuff and went way to far to the other side, leaving the Russians undermanned and undergunned...again.

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I beg to differ with your statement about Mir meddling in the team structure Broken. Mir asked people to move from green sign up to tan sign up because green was almost full and tan had next to nobody signing up.

It's more the point that the 2 groups that left green, Blackwatch and ISA, were able to strategize and come up with a good plan of attack. They also had dedicated radio channels, set up by them, and alternate attacks plans if things got changed last second. They went out to play a game and win and that's what they did.

Don't blame MIR. They had nothing to do with it. Blame everyone on the green team because they had no direction, crap communication, poor leadership, ect...

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1st day trying to keep up with black watch wore me out. I decided to switch to green for the last day (try and even things out). 2nd day was even more fun. I was a brush monkey stalking tan players and killing them with my (newly aquired) RDP. From the short time I was on green seems like there was 2 many green players sitting in the staging area, or at their cars. WTF. I wore my self out sneaking and crawling around to get close enough to get kills with the RDP, but kill I got. When I was tan had no hit calling issues. But when I was green I had 1 incident where I shot a tan guy, he didn't call it and I proceeded to empty the rest of my mag on him (I wasn't shooting through brush,he said no bbs hit him), What eves. Other than that Zombie and I had great time. Hope to see you all next time.




-Seeing old friends, Making new ones

-Campfire food

-Shenanigans, and fuckery

-Kills with mancraft sniper

-Lots of kills, and butter hurt players compliments of the RDP awesomeness

-Very little hit calling issues



Butt hurt sissy shooting through the nets during night game, and talked hella crap, but never reviled him self. *cough* *pussy* *cough*

-Painful realization that I'm not in my 20's any more. Lol


All in all had great time, looking foward to it next year.

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I had an absolute blast. Thanks to alex and mir tactical for putting this event together and sherwood for hosting it.



first time running with a team that had an excellent command structure and communication. Blackwatch you guys are badass and wore my ass out.


Great field


Lots of firefights.


Normally im a sneaky fellow and flank the sides picking people off but this time i rushed alot.




green gettimg decimated


Had 3 green members in fort N continue to mag dump me after i called out and pulled my death rag. They only stopped when i got pissed off and started shooting back. Sorry your team was getting wiped but when a guy calls out you stop shooting him.


Again Having to keep up with blackwatch. You guys ran my ass off lol


Overall great time and i will be back.

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I had a blast. My first big game and got to take a friend along, his first game. Got to run with a great bunch of guys in Charlie, especially them Kentucky fellows. The weather was perfect the 2nd day, 1st day despite the slight showers was decent any way. I hope to make it back next year and drag my brothers along.  Civey I am sitting here looking at your avatar trying to remember where I have seen it and I just saw it on your belt while editing video.

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Im sorry I don't get on this site enough. with work and family. my nick name was soup..... for the game. I was one of the guys in the festive shirts. but any who this was by far one of the most fun games I have ever been to. I met a lot of great people and the games were actually fun. I would like to say thanks to Charley company and the guys I ran with they were awesome. I have no real complaints. but I felt bad for the green side due to moral I guess. it just seemed like most of the green team wasn't really pushing. but all in all both sides seemed to have a good time and get along so to speak.

decoy wich kentucky fellas you talking about by chance?

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I didn't get all their names sabertooth. I just remember several Joshes and the youngest being Caleb. It was their first Pandora's Box as it was for me and my friend so we ran together when the platoon wasn't separated. 

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ok I just remeber alot of people thinking we where from ky since we lived so close to it. but never the less it was a great event. deff going next time

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I did not comment enough on how Charlie for tan rocked!!! I firmly believe if not for your steadfastness we things would have been a lot different. DirtDiver your PL was spot on and kept you guys in the fight and moving forward!! Thanks again for your toughness and great sportsmanship!! 


American forces: (Green) do not take anything away from your guys tenacity!!! Excellent opponents!!! Plan better, dial it in and kick some ass next year ;) 

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