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Mutual Combat B/s/t Day Aar 5/14/16


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Well what can I say about this one.. Not really a game but a community event so im gonna stray from the usual format.     First off.. I had a great time.  Really seriously this felt like my golden days of airsoft just hanging out with great people.  Really just standing around in this field makes you feel like pew pew is life.. the amount of work they have put in is simply amazing.  There was plenty to buy.. And buy I did.. Ramen for the next few weeks but it was well worth the trip.  The food served was amazing company great deals everywhere.  Apache Tactical brought some of there Magpul and all of there airsoft stuff from the store which was very impressive both on what they brought and very good prices to boot.   One con was me walking out of my house and leaving the toolbox I had packed with all of my tools and soldering gear.   Turn out was good with most people just coming to enjoy good company.     All and all... a great day that I really enjoyed. 

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I had a great time as well, it was excellent to put some names to faces.  There were a lot of folks I had seen at games but had never been properly introduced to so that alone was worth the trip.


Food was great (and free, thanks!) and between Peli and Apache Tactical there was a ton of stuff for sale and the prices were definitely fair.


Unfortunately I still have yet to make it down for a game at MCC  but just looking around made me envious of the folks that have played there, I will definitely trying to hard to make it down there for a game sometime soon!

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Great time with great people. Thanks Randy for having us out, and the awesome chow.





Weather, it was chilly.

Attendance was low. Blame the weather.

No shooting competition.

I had to leave early.

I had to pick up and drop off Devil dog.



Put some faces with names.

Apache tactical was on sight with gear, bbs ect.

Shooting the shit with great people.

The food was amazing.


Think that's about it.

P.S. Picking up devil was no problem, just curious to see how long it takes him to see this post. Lol

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