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Noob Day 2016 Aar


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Guess I'll be the one to start this off.  This years IMPACT Noob day has come and gone.  I had a great time as usual.


Weather turned out great this year.  The rain earlier in the week worried me a bit, but those worries were unfounded


Hit calling was a non issue this year.  Honor on the field was high, and there weren't any hit calling issues that I saw.

Game types were simple and easy to play.


Juggernaught Kid:  I loved this kid, don't know his name, but he put together his own armored kit and weapon with just spit and bubblegum (duct tape and zip ties really)  But his ingenuity really spoke to me.  I want that kid to play a lot more. 

Attendance was lower than previous years, so it wasn't as much of a target rich enviroment as usual.  This could also be a bit of a PRO as it created a bit more intimate enviroment to play in.  Previous years weather could have been the culprit.

Personal CON:  Had numerous issues with my SAW not wanting to run right.  Pretty sure it's battery issues, maybe a motor issue, but it's still a pain. 


Quote of the day: At chrono
Joker:  Switch it to semi, It's the first click
Kid:  Are you sure?  It's an AK
Joker and every experienced player around him:  ........

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Thank-you Joker and Crimson for organizing another Noob Day! I had an awesome time on the field. Saw old faces, met new ones. Like Bear said everybody played with honor. This was my second Noob Day!

Overall a great day to be playing airsoft!


• Joker put a twist to this event.

• The Noobs were extremely respectful. They followed the rules.

• No hit calling issues whatsoever.

• Our team communicated well with each other

• We played till 5h30 pm

• The briefing was thorough!


Beside the fact that I did not bring enough water, I have no cons.


Thank-you again Joker and Crimson for giving the community another opportunity to play airsoft. You added a new dimension to open play; which made the game even more interesting.

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I want to thank everyone who showed up to play. While we only had 40 players, those players were very honorable. I mean we had almost no hit calling issues at a Noob Day, that's saying something. Several of the players in attendance were new players or first timers.




New players and first timers

Meet & Greets

Thorough briefing

Honorable players

Focused on communication and safety

Simple yet fun game types involving props

Field was starting to green up



We had a couple MED violations (players shooting players to close)

I think I heard 1 complaint of no hit calling

I think I let a couple of the rounds last two long

I need to print out more blank waivers (I ran out)


How to fix cons:

Further explain MED and request switching to a sidearm when necessary

Hit calling was mostly a non issue but between rounds remind everyone to call hits

Should have ended some of the rounds sooner and switched to different game play types, I had a lot more planned

Remember to print more waivers for next time


Again I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and allowing IMPACT to host this event for 10 consecutive years. We hope it's helpful and fun. Also food after was good and hit the spot. Special shoutout to the Muffin Men for lending me an AK and gear so I could quickly jump in a play that last round. Thanks to Crimson for all of your help as well as Rampage.



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My son and I had a great time! Would like to thank Joker and Crimson for putting this on once again.



Had great weather, respectful players new and old. Games we're fun and joker and crimson where on top of safety and time management.



Letting my son run my p* don't think I'm getting that one back.lol

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First off I want to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed our 10th newb day.      


I had a great time meeting new players and old friends again.   

Turnout was lower then normal but the caliber of player was outstanding.


If this was a taste of our future airsofters then indiana has a lot of good coming.


So Pros


Weather was Perfect

Players where Top Notch

No hit calling Problems

No drama

Everyone seemed to have a good time



Lower then normal turnout but quality over quantity wins out every time.

Realizing how out of shape I have really gotten.  


All and all a great day of airsoft.   

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ugh i hate work and nearly destroying my ankle i will be out there either playing or help with something next time sounds like everyone had a blast and still need to attend the noob day

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Green Gaint, I am sorry your ankle is injured and that you weren't able to attend Noob Day. However this area is strictly reserved for AAR's.

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It was my second time at Noob Day and it was a lot of fun.  The weather was certainly a lot better than last year!

I would have to echo all the positive statements about briefing, overall attitudes and hit calling, etc.  Even though the turnout was relatively small, it was still a great event.  Met some new people, tried out my new pistol, field-tested my sniper rifle (it still needs some work, but)... yeah, it was a good day.  


Thanks to Joker and IMPACT for putting this on and keeping airsoft positive, safe and fun in Indiana.

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