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After Action Report Format


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After Action Report Format

An After Action Review/Report is used by the military to discuss a mission upon completion and to see what went well and what can be fixed befre the next mission. This is used to provide constructive criticism by the players that attended the events for future event organizers' benefit.

This is what is expected when posting an after action report for an event.

The AAR should answer the following questions at a minimum:

1. What was planned?

2. What really happened?

3. Why did it happen?

4. What can we do to fix what didn't work?

Further, three ups and three downs:

A. Three things that went well and should be done again.

B. Three things that did not go well and should be fixed before next time.

C. How to fix those three things.

Each operation would have a slightly different AAR because event organizers run different types of events. But- the bottom line is: An AAR helps us make the next event better.

So, using our provided format the first thing would be for the reviewer to cover what was supposed to happen or what was planned.

Use this guide as a basic template for providing feedback to the event hosts in order to improve upon ideas for future events.

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