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How To Use The Calendar


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OK, so I noticed a couple of events that overlap other events. I'm not going to go into why that happened, but I'm going to be nice and assume you just failed to notice. To avoid this in the future, use the calendar feature so that Rob put in just to avoid conflicts like this! If you look in the upper right corner, you'll see the tab marked "Calendar:"





It'll open up the Calendar page. From there, you can view everybody's birthdays and events that have shown up on the calendar. We want to set up an event, so hit "Add Event."




Then next page will allow you to create your event. Fill in the form, post it, then open up a new thread on the Indiana Games thread to post your event description.




And there you go.




This commits you to holding an event on this date. As a courtesy to other EOs, please do not create an event that would conflict on the same day, especially if the prior event had been created sooner. If you're in a different region, you might want to coordinate with the other EO too, just to make sure. Mistakes happen, but the calendar will be a major help. You've been warned. At this point I reserve the right to call you names for failing to post your event properly. God forbid if Harvest beats me to the bat.


On the other hand, don't spam the calendar with events you do not intend to hold, or just to fill up the boards to prevent other EOs from posting up. This will result in having your event privileges revoked permanently.


I've taken a few moments to post up everyone's local events that are on the boards so far. Hopefully this'll help prevent any scheduling conflicts in the future. Thanks!

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