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Comrade S_Z

Aeg's, Parts, Gear, Camo, Little Bit Of Everything.

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This thread will be continually updated.

I always have a bit of stuff up for sale, because that's how I roll.

I can ship this stuff, meet you at a game I'm attending, or meet on the southside of Indy.


- USGI 6-color Desert: Small/Reg top, Med/Short bottom.
- Russian Camo and Gear.
- TM or CA standard AK mags.
- Old school TM and CA AK's, G/P compatible parts.
- Ranger Green MOLLE gear.

- TM or CA M16 standard mags.

- Real AR and AK mags, parts, ammo, etc.




-Legit Navy SeaBee issue NWU Type III (AOR2) top in Large/Long. Brand new. $50 FTF, $55 shipped, or trade for similiar in Small/Reg.



-Flora 48-3 Top. Brand new. Earlier color variant, more khaki-toned base. $50 shipped.



-Flora 56-6 top. Used, missing 1 button, otherwise VG cond. $30 shipped.



-Flora 44-4 set. Looks commercial, no OTK stamps. Used, VG cond. $50 shipped.





-Russian VSR winter coat in 44-3. Brand new (NOS), never worn outside. 1993 dated, which makes it second year of issue. Khaki-dominant varient, excellent pattern. Includes the liner and removable fur collar, the whole package. It is incredibly warm, very well insulated for Russian winters. Has internal leather-lined Makarov holster with landyard. This jacket fit me very well in the body and chest, but the arms are a little shorter than I prefer, just at the wrist when relaxed. I'm 5'10" with long arms, this would be perfect for someone that's 5' 7" or shorter, that normally wears a size Small-Reg or Small-Short BDU top. Without the liner it fits like a 50-3, about a US Medium/Short. These are very hard to source stateside, especially NOS, and with everything included. I'm only selling it to buy a size longer, when I can find one. Price is firm at $125 FTF, $145 shipped CONUS.


Arktis B210 Windproof Smock, Danish M84 Flecktarn camo, size Medium. Like new. $135 shipped.


LBX (LBT's overseas) Project Honor chest rig, like new. Rig looks solid, quality stiching and construction. $40 shipped.



USMC FLC MOLLE vest, brand new. $55 shipped.

USMC hydration carrier with straps. Like new. No bladder. $20 shipped.





-(2) AUSCAM utility pouches. These were protoypes of some sort, 1000d construction, ALICE type attachment. Really neat pouches, AUSCAM just doesn’t work for me. $25 shipped for both.


-USGI canvas M14 mag pouch, I believe it's the M56 webbing set. VG+ condition, no mildew/corrosion of any sort. You won't find these often in this condition. $25 shipped.



-(2) Alice to MOLLE adapters, like new. $10 shipped for both


LBT ACU and AirForce tigerstripe pouches. All new. $15 shipped for all 4.

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ICS Grease Gun, lightly used, painted to a parkerized color, TBB, wired to Deans. I bought it on a whim, never fielded it, just test fired. Missing battery cover, $4 part at evike. Includes Hi-cap mag. $80 FTF.






Echo1 CSR replacement parts lot. This was sold to me as a complete AEG by a comrade (now suspected of being Gopnik) as a lightly used AEG that fired fine with no problems. "Oh yeah it works fine just a little piston problems." It never worked for me after countless hours of teching on it, so I'm selling this as a parts lot because I have more important projects to focus on. If you have a crazy amount of free time and you like beating your head against a wall you might be capable of making this a working AEG, but I'm selling it as a parts lot. All the parts are there, a few broken pieces (cover latch, bolt handle cracked, barrel pin, missing rear sight), all the important stuff is present and serviceable. Gearbox is complete but fires auto only, even after I replaced the cut-off lever (original was shredded), I suspect it needs a new trigger switch assembly or some new trigger linkage parts (has 3 gears on the trigger). Has a new Lonex A1 motor installed in reverse, this AEG has 4 gears not 3, and I handmade some 7mm solid steel gear bushings for it. FULL DISCLAIMER: The cylinder head is completely proprietary, and the piston is a 19 tooth helical cut which are very hard to find. The previous owner shredded 2 pistons while dicking around, it was a miracle he found a lightly used replacement for a decent price. Also includes a lightly used spare gear set and cylinder assembly, and 3 hicap mags (not pictured). I would not advise buying this as a project unless you know what you're getting into. $80 cash money, $50 if you don't want the Lonex A1 motor and gear bushings.



What you see is what you get, no idea what makes the stocks are. $25 for it all.



M16 small parts, 3 spare gear sets (JG,G&G,KA). $25

SRC AK gearbox shell and unknown crap motor. $5

King Arms M16 gearbox and parts, no idea where I got this but it look good. $15.

Random springs, $2.

Systema M130, NIW. $10.

Systema Helical piston, NIW. $20.



Blackhawk belt, XL, $5

511 belt, 32"-34", $5


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If the AOR2 was a 2XL long, I would be all over it.

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