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We met at Tim's Shooting Range in Westfield, he was great and only made me drive like 3 minutes, he drove the longer distance, so that's nice of him, as he recognized I didn't have a bunch of time.


He arrived, took out he gun and showed me it (it's a modified Masada, SEXY BRO), gave me a nice bag with all the included odds and ends, including the 8 mags and such. Came carrying the gun in a case, so we didn't get people thinking we where shooters or something.


Showed him the computer, all set, we both took our things, shook hands, and parted ways. Great first trading experience from this site, it was smooth and communications between myself and him where ez-pz.



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10/10 transaction, just picked my old m14 up from him along with a few mids at an unbeatable price. Pretty happy to have another one of my old rifles back, and would gladly do more BK parking lot deals with him again.

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